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Agenda of the November 14, 2018 Regular Caroga Town Board Meeting

Town Board meetings are for the board to discuss issues and make decisions. The board strives to complete the meetings in 60-90 minutes. The meetings are public and the board has chosen to allow public comments. Resident comments are limited to 3 minutes. All comments are to be respectful and civil. Anyone who shouts or uses profanity will be expelled. Residents with personal issues or related to their property should work with the appropriate department head first. If the department head doesn’t resolve the issue, it should be taken to the town supervisor. Only after those two steps should the issue be raised in a board meeting if needed. The board appreciates your support in keeping meetings timely, civil and productive. Thank you.

7:00 p.m. call the meeting to order - Roll Call Flag salute

Public Hearing on the 2019 Budget

Public Hearing reopened on the Zoning Ordinance

Accept the minutes

Public Speaking - Guy Parenti

Department Reports:

Assessor’s Report –


Clerk/Registrar – written clerk report submitted

Code Enforcement & Sanitation –

Blight -

Dog Control – 2 delinquent dogs from 2017, 2 delinquent dogs in 2018 Jan – Sept.

Golf Course –

Highway –

Lake Steward Program – written report submitted by Mike Durkee

Town Hall Building –

Lakes Management Program

Youth -

Supervisor’s Report

Old Business:

Board of Assessment Review Cathy Ann Wallace term is up

New Business:


Letter from Don Hopper and Richard Mendetta re: Environmental Issues on Caroga Lakes

E-mail 10/16 from Clayton Sitterly inquiry about availability of Sherman’s

2018 Legislative Breakfast 11/15 8 am @ Perthshire

2019 AOT Annual Training NYC 2/17 to 2/20

Names/Served with a lawsuit on 11/7


To correct resolution #2018-098

Pay the bills as presented for audit