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Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2020 17:26:27 +0000 [12:26:27 EST]
From: Treg Lewis
To: James Long
Subject: Application Number Z2019-07

Dear Mr. Long and Fellow Members of the Board,

I am writing in response to Application Number Z2019-07 by John & Lenore Bellinger for rezoning to build a dock on the property located at 325 East Stoner Lake Rd. I am genuinely happy to have new neighbors on the lake and I am someone generally in favor of common sense development, but I must oppose the proposed dock.

I urge the Zoning Board to consider the following:

Our family has been on the lake for over 90 years and there has been much development. However, this project threatens one of the last areas of wild shoreline on Stoner Lake and a critical habitat for loons, ducks, wetland vegetation and other life that are critical to the Stoner Lake ecosystem.

With respect to the Bellinger family, I respectfully ask the Zoning Board to deny this request in the interest of the lake.

Treg Lewis
345 E. Stoner Lake Rd.

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