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Tax Assessor

Please note: Operations During COVID-19 supersedes information herein.

News from the Assessor’s Office

It is certainly an interesting time to be living in New York State, the United States of America or even this world right now! But, your Town services continue to operate – a little differently than you are used to but they are happening.

I am not working in my office or meeting with people face to face. However, I am available! If you have an issue with your property that you feel I should know about, please call me and let me know. I am working on preparing the 2020 assessment roll which will be used to calculate your 2020 school taxes and your 2021 Town and County taxes. If you feel the value of your property is not correct, please let me know (and let me know why!). There are a couple ways to contact me. First, I may be emailed at value411@nycap.rr.com. Please be sure to give me your name and your property location/address. If you know your Tax map number, that is certainly helpful. Explain in detail your property information that you feel I should be aware of. I am checking emails a couple times a week and will respond as quickly as I can with an answer.

Or, you may telephone me at (518)902-3309. This is a cell phone that I am using for assessor purposes only. I will not always be able to answer your call as I may be on the line with another property owner or I may be busy at the time. I will also not generally answer after 5:00 PM in the evenings or on weekends. But, do leave a message! I will return your call when I am able! Be sure to tell me what Town you are calling from and your telephone number and a brief message about what your concern is about.

We will get through this but only if we work together! Please avail yourself of the above ways to contact me if you have any concerns regarding your property.

Vicki Hayner, IAO


Sole Assessor
  Vicki Hayner
(518)902-3309 (work cell)

Contesting your Property Assessment

The Board of Assessment Review meets on Grievance Day to hear contested real property assessments. More on contesting your assessment and Grievance Day can be found at the Board of Assessment Review page.

Merging adjacent parcels into a single parcel

Fill out and submit this form to the Assessor to merge two or more adjacent parcels into a single parcel. This form can not be used for subdivisions or lot line adjustments: For that you will need approval from the Planning Board.