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Board of Assessment Review June 3, 2020 Minutes

Town of Caroga Board of Assessment Review Grievance Day, Wednesday June 3, 2020 4:00 PM — 4:03 PM. This meeting was held electronically using GoToMeeting.com pursuant to Executive Orders 202.1, 202.15, and 202.22.

Chair Mark Ford – present
John Livingston – present
Cathy Ann Wallace – present
Karen Wheeler-Kidder – present
Daniel T. MacIvor – present

Others present: Sole Assessor Victoria Hayner

Chair Mark Ford called the Board of Assessment Review meeting to order at 4:00 PM.

Sole Assessor Victoria Hayner said there were no grievances presented and Mark Ford confirmed same.

Chair Mark Ford confirmed that all Board of Assessment Review members had an opportunity to review the three previously submitted stipulations and two previously submitted corrections and had no questions or comments.

The were no questions or comments.

Motion: Chair Mark Ford moved to accept the stipulations for Michael F. Geraghty, Jr. & Kathryn L. Geraghty; Elizabeth Palcovic; and R. Calvin Courtney; as previously submitted by Sole Assessor Victoria Hayner. All five Board of Assessment Review members said Aye.

Chair Mark Ford said that all the Board of Assessment Review has to do with the corrections is to say that the Board has seen them.

Chair Mark Ford asked if anybody had any other comments.

The were no comments.

Chair Mark Ford noted that at the bottom of the corrections forms the Board has to indicate that it has seen the corrections.

Chair Mark Ford asked Sole Assessor Victoria Hayner about the original paperwork.

Sole Assessor Victoria Hayner said she would bring the originals to the Town of Caroga Town Hall on Tuesday June 9, 2020 for them to be completed by the Board of Assessment Review.

Clerk James McMartin Long said he would print and deliver Form 1 and Form 2 to the Town of Caroga Town Hall on or before June 9, 2020 for the Board of Assessment Review to complete.

Motion: Chair Mark Ford adjourned the meeting at 4:03 PM.

Respectfully Submitted
James McMartin Long
Town Board Member
serving as Board of Assessment Review Clerk/Secretary

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