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The Town Board passed Resolution #2019-035 on March 13, 2019 to convey to the citizens of Caroga a statement about the status of Sherman’s. This statement should answer many questions you have about what has been going on with Sherman’s.

The Town Board passed a resolution on April 22, 2019 authorizing Supervisor Jim Selmser to sign a General Release & Waiver that would terminate all possible claims related to Sherman’s by Balboaa Land Development, Inc., the donor of the Sherman’s property, if and only if Sherman’s is conveyed to the Caroga Arts Collective. The Release does not apply to a sale to any other party. Any sale could only happen after the voters approve that sale in a Referendum. If a majority of the voters vote “No” at a Referendum on the sale to Caroga Arts Collective, the Sherman’s sale would not occur and the this General Release & Waiver becomes null and void.

John Lorence’s proposal for Sherman’s was reviewed by the Sherman’s Advisory Committee. The Sherman’s Advisory Committee instead recommended the Caroga Arts Collective to the Town Board of the Town of Caroga. John Lorence has asked that his proposal be posted on this website. Here is his proposal.