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Canada Lakes Conservation Association

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Canada Lake Water Level

The regular schedule for drawing down the lake level is as follows:

Stewarts Landing Dam Update, 7/9/2018

NYSDEC has advised the town that a contract for repair and maintenance of the Stewart’s Landing Dam was awarded. The water level was lowered starting September 10, 2018 to facilitate the construction activities.

Latest water level news

Statement from Chris Rohrs, President of the CLCA:

As of 7AM Thursday morning July 26, 2018 approximately 2.85 inches of rain had fallen on Canada Lake over three days, with 2 inches of it in the past 24 hours. Lake level rose 2.76 inches since Wednesday morning and is about 2.3 inches above summer norm. Run-off from the rain we have received will raise the level several more inches over the next few days, and additional storms are possible.

We have asked DEC to open the dam gate farther to mitigate this expected rise and they have agreed to do so. This will occur today.

As we have reported before, DEC wants to intervene at the Stewart's Landing dam as little as possible, for valid reasons. CLCA has made the case for appropriate interventions in emergency situations. This is a borderline case, not quite a current emergency but one that could possibly become one. DEC has agreed to respond, and we salute their action. We will closely track the impact of today's dam opening on lake levels and this data will help guide CLCA and DEC in reacting to future situations.