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Town of Caroga Code Enforcement

Please note: Operations During COVID-19 supersedes information herein.

COVID-19 Code Enforcement Office Operations

July and August Hours

If you should need an appointment at another time, please ask.

Inspections are being performed during our normal business hours.

Office Operations

Town of Caroga Code Enforcement
PO Box 328
1840 State Highway 10
Caroga Lake, NY 12032

Code Officer &
Sanitation Officer
  Anthony Fancher
(518)835-4211 ext. 102 (work)
(518)496-6204 (work cell)
(518)835-2709 (fax)
Code Officer
  John Duesler
(518)835-4211 ext. 104 (work)
Code Clerk
  Jennifer Blowers
(518)835-4211 ext. 104 (work)


Building permits are required for all projects except painting. See also Permits and fees. Permit forms are available at the Town Hall. You may also download and print the Building Permit Application.

What You Should Know About The Code Enforcement Building Inspection Process

We are here to assist you. Stop in anytime with your home improvement plans for the future. Answering a few simple questions may lead you in the right direction, and make the goals you have come to life.

What is Code Enforcement?

Code Enforcement is the administrative process utilized by the Department of State, Office of Planning & Development; Building Standards and Codes. Building Inspectors work with property owners and contractors to gain compliance within the NYS Building Standards and Codes.

Code Enforcement begins when a Property Owner:

Building Permit Application Process:

  1. Completed Building Permit Application.
  2. A site plan of proposed work with dimensions and building plans.
  3. Contractor information, if the property owner is not performing the work.
  4. Meeting with Code Enforcement Official.

Once your Permit is approved and paid for you will need to call the Code Enforcement Office to set up inspections based on what type of work you or your contractor performs. Should you have any questions or concerns with what inspections are needed please call or stop by. These inspections are required, recorded and to your advantage. Code Enforcement verifies that a contractor builds according to approved plans. We cannot issue a Certificate of Compliance or Certificate of Occupancy without the proper inspections taking place. Once a Permit expires, you will have to pay additional fees for inspections to take place. Should you ever want to sell your home, the records we have in your properties file will help assist you in the process. Real estate agents call our office daily for Sanitation and Proof of Permit Completion paperwork.

Zoning is in effect in the Town of Caroga. Here is the web version of the Zoning Ordinance.

The Adirondack Park Agency regulates development on private land in the Adirondack Park. Before you develop property, you may need a permit from the Adirondack Park Agency. You may find further information on their website www.apa.ny.gov, or by calling (518)891-4050.

Code Office Resources

All online forms are also available at the Code Office.

Unsafe building actions

Recent Denial Notices that resulted in ZBA or PB applications

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