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Minutes of a Caroga Town Board meeting held on Wednesday May 11, 2016

State of New York

County of Fulton

Town of Caroga

Minutes of a Caroga Town Board meeting held on Wednesday May 11, 2016 at 7 pm at the Caroga Municipal Building located at 1840 State Highway 10 Caroga Lake NY.

Supervisor Robert Sullivan – Here

Deputy Supervisor Sturchio – Here

Council Member Glenn – Here

Council Member Morris – Here

Council Member Manning – Here

Supervisor Sullivan called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm followed by the flag salute. Reading of the minutes of the April meeting was waived.

Other department heads in attendance: Lita Hillier Budget Director, Steve Jennings – Golf Pro, Manager, Greenkeeper, Steve Putman – Highway Superintendent, Don Travis – Building Maintenance, John Duesler- Code Officer, and Sal Ferlazzo Town Attorney.

Supervisor Sullivan invited Nationally Certified Forrester Wayne Tripp to discuss logging operations. The town has a piece of land it was looking to have logged. He does a lot of work for watershed including Johnstown, Gloversville, Little falls and Utica. He walked the property below the Pinnacle. It was harvested 25 – 30 years ago. Nothing is growing in the openings except Beech and striped maple. You can manage a forest responsibly. He noted deer and other invasives like garlic mustard plants effect replanting. Fences are also used to promote regrowth. The public asked questions. If the property was his he would at some time log the property. It was asked what the town wants to do with the property.

Mr. Fielding noted too many times the money (from the harvest) is put into the general fund to offset taxes.

Council Member Manning did some research; in 1961 the property along with another was purchased with75% of funds from the State of New York under the Parks and Recreation Land Acquisition Program. The town was purchasing the property for recreational use only. You can only use those properties for recreation and cannot use any proceeds from logging for any other project aside from putting it back into the recreational project of that particular site. You can’t take the proceeds from logging and use them somewhere else in town – to build a building. The only way around that is to go through a 2 year alienation process.

Barbara Lee asked what happened to the money from the last time it was logged. Council Member Manning stated the town got about $25,000.00. Lita Hillier Budget Director stated the money went into the general fund and was considered excess revenue that was applied toward the tax base. No reserve was set up at that time.

A mountain bike trail or a driving range was suggested as a possible use of the property. It was noted that every dime must be spent for the recreational use of that particular property.

Sal Ferlazzo Town Attorney stated a year ago at the end of December the deed was filed for the Sherman’s Property. “At this point in time there is absolutely no question that the town owns the lands under Sherman’s.” He noted there have been reports in the paper and a letter sent to the Town by Mr. Abdella and Mr. Ferlazzo has no understanding or legal bases for any claim he has for the land. He transferred it as an attorney and he has to know the law. Ignorance of the law is no defense. He signed a deed which transferred that property to the town. The donation agreement was invalidated. There was no authority for the full board to sign it. At a public meeting it was made clear that the town would accept the real property and ratify that but not the donation agreement. He believes very strongly had there been a claim that was erroneously that there should have been an article 78. It is usually a four month period to invalidate a town action – a resolution of the board. There was an article 78 on the other side – brought by Barbara Lee on behalf of the citizens to invalidate the donation agreement. Anyone can bring an action but if it is not timely….and people make mistakes.

The public asked questions: do the people own it or the municipality owns it? Attorney Ferlazzo stated the town owns it on behalf of the people. If the town leases or sells the property then you have to go with a permissive referendum notification. When the town leases or sells land it has to have a resolution and there is a 30 day period after notification in the newspaper that 5% of the citizens (actually of the voters in the last gubernatorial election) can create a vote to determine if that is valid or not.

An operating agreement is different. In Colonie there was an agreement for a company to come in and operate the dump. Attorney Ferlazzo and the comptroller for Albany County thought it was a lease but the court said no, an operating agreement does not necessarily have to be a lease. If an operating agreement is effectively a lease then it would have to be. It depends on the facts.

Council Member Morris noted she and Council Member Manning are on a Sherman’s Advisory Committee Board. She asked for his opinion on including Mr. Abdella on some conversation of the committee. He would be hesitant to have him on the committee and would ask the board to be cautious. He suggested he could sign a release to state he would not attack the town’s actions… he did not want to expose the town to possible statements he may make about a meeting he attended and statements made by the committee members. Council Member Morris stated “he has already written a letter stating we cannot sell this property, even though we know that we can.”

Attorney Ferlazzo noted it doesn’t hurt to gather information from him as he operated it and has a lot of working knowledge. It would be great to have the historical knowledge he could convey.

Council Member Manning thought the committee would be interested in something informal – get his input to know where he is at. It would only be with a couple of members of the committee. Attorney Ferlazzo noted it is a small community and it was a generous gift and you want to appreciate that.

Cell Tower – Attorney Ferlazzo was asked by the Supervisor to communicate with American Tower. They had made an offer to the town as did Unisom about the lease agreement. American Tower who owns the rights to the lease made an offer and the town made a counter offer. Their offer was $230,000.00 and they want a permanent easement. The town countered and they came back with more but it would be over time. They came in with an alternative offer of $274,795.00 over ten years and they want a long term easement. There is no such thing it is a permanent easement and effectively it is owning it. After 10 years they would not have to pay anything. The industry is changing and now there is consolidation making fewer companies on the towers. He wondered if the town wanted to ask Unisom to counter for a bidding situation.

Council Member Sturchio wanted to know how to get others on the tower. It is up to the company – they lease it and it is up to them to allow people on or off. Attorney Ferlazzo did not know if we get co-location fees. He will look and let him know. Any negotiations would be done in private session. The money from the cell tower goes into the general fund. After ten years they would be rent free with a permanent easement to use it. Attorney Ferlazzo suggested putting a sunset clause into the agreement if they abandon the site. Technology is making the towers obsolete. It was thought that there were another 19 years on the lease.

Mr. Capparella remembered when Mr. Abdella came to town meeting a few months ago. Mr. Toskas noted Mr. Abdella has approached the town as an adversary, why are we not treating him as an adversary?

Council Member Glenn has met with him a couple of times. He is amendable to meet with all or part of the board(s). The one thing he is adamant about is the sale of the property. He turned it over to the people of Caroga Lake he does not want the town selling it to another entity. Attorney Ferlazzo stated he should have put a revert clause in.

It would be a committee decision to open discussion with Mr. Abdella. Council member Morris stated several members of the committee do no reside within the town.

At 7:45pm Supervisor Sullivan made a motion to enter into and executive to discuss a pending litigation matter. Council Member Sturchio seconded the motion. All board members were in favor of the motion.

At 8:09 pm Supervisor Sullivan made a motion to exit from executive. Councilmember Glenn seconded the motion. All board members were in favor of the motion. There were no decisions forthcoming as a result of the executive session.

Supervisor Sullivan asked Rex Ruby of Fulton County Glass to look at the ice cream stand at Sherman’s. The insurance company identified a risk with the 9 broken panes of glass. The building was built before the safety glass laws were in place. The frames are shot and it is out of square. He advised the building be bulldozed. It would cost thousands of dollars to put that back together. Something will have to be done.


Linda Stevens recently acquired 700 books from the Gloversville Library. She asked the board to consider making a donation to the Gloversville Library. The town currently donates to the Johnstown Library and there isn’t currently anything in the budget. She will ask the Nick Stoner seniors next. She also has a chance to get some bookcases. She will check with the Code officer about putting the cases down along the hallway walls. Mr. Duesler noted we would not want to hinder the means of egress and commented on the fire load also.

Lynne Delesky thanked the 21 people who volunteered on Saturday & Sunday to clean up the roadside garbage. They collected over 50 bags of trash, a bicycle, a baby bassinette, a RV holding tank, and some tires. Ace Hardware in Johnstown provided equipment to the town at cost. She invited everyone to participate next year and bring a neighbor.

Hank McGrath was here on behalf of Mr. George Hamilton who could not be here tonight. He is looking for support to open a new laundromat in Caroga Lake. (At the former site) On May 19th he will meet with Assemblyman Butler to tour the facility. A DEC representative recently denied a gray water permit for the system. He supplied the board with an impact statement.

He asked the board for their help. Council Member Morris asked for the time of the meeting.

Mr. Toskas will be going back to work putting together the 911 signs. Property owners were encouraged to order or pick up their already completed signs.

Mr. Capparella wanted to help the plight of the laundromat. The code officer John Duesler explained that the gray water system is not adequate from the washing machines. It did and still does go into Mead Creek. The berm system is not working like it used to in the 60’s. He asked on a complaint. It is in DEC’s hands. He wants businesses to thrive but the code is specific. There is no room for a system. DEC suggested having his own plant with an operator. The previous owner may not have had a permit based on past use. This was triggered by a change of ownership.

Mike Vickerson wanted the board to consider the salary increase for the Town Clerk. Newly hired town employees are making just a few thousand less than the town clerk and they have less responsibility. She has many other duties beside town clerk and tax collector. He thought the clerk needed more compensation based on her duties and responsibilities.

Department Reports:

Assessor’s Report – Mrs. Parker submitted her disclosure statement to the town clerk. In a written report the assessor noted Mr. Lack form ORPS is doing appraisal work in town. If you have questions please call her. Grievance day is May 24 from 4 – 8 if you need help or want to talk about your assessment call her. All new applications for STAR must go through the state Department. Residents will not get a deduction on the school tax but will receive a check from the state. All people currently on STAR (Basic and Enhanced as of 2015 will remain the same. Senior exemptions will be notified when reapplication is needed.

BTI – Mrs. Delesky reported on the program. She noted Black Flies are attracted to dark colors.

Buildings – The clerk asked the board to purchase two 6 ft. tables. Supervisor Sullivan stated he would donate them. Mr. Travis asked the Judge if anyone could not pay their fines that he has windows they could wash to work off their fines. Supervisor Sullivan used his rototiller on the property south end. It is quite rocky. He hopes to have grass growing soon to make it look nice.

Clerk/Registrar – Mrs. Gilbert submitted a monthly Report, the New York Assoc. of Local Government Records Officer (NYALGRO) Conference is June 6 - 8, I would like to attend one day as it is a board meeting week. The Tax Collectors Books are available for the board to look at; I attended a mandatory meeting at the Board of Elections. Anyone interested in a job 2 – 3 days a year was asked to contact her.

RESOLUTION #2016-068 to authorize the Records Management Officer to attend the NYALGRO Conference was offered by Council Member Glenn at the regular monthly meeting of the Caroga Town Board held on Wednesday May 11, 2016 at Caroga Town Hall. WHEREAS, the Town Clerk/Tax Collector/ Records Management Officer Linda Gilbert discussed with the board the upcoming New York Assoc. of Local Government Records Officer NYALGRO on June 5 – 7 in Callicoon NY, and WHEREAS, the classes are of interest and relevant to the duties of Records Management Officer, now therefore be it RESOLVED, that the RMO Linda Gilbert is authorized to attend on Sunday and Monday with the expenditures for the training from acct. A1410.4. Council Member Morris seconded the motion.

Adopted by a vote of 5 Ayes; Sullivan, Sturchio, Glenn, Morris, Manning

Code Enforcement & Sanitation – John Duesler was introduced he has worked for the town for about 4 weeks now. He is available 8- 3 Monday & Tuesday and Wednesday till 2pm and by appointment. He is catching up and very busy with building permits.

Billy Bishop asked if vehicles not being used had to be inspected. Attorney Ferlazzo is looking into clarifying this now.

Blight – Council Member Glenn noted we have not had a meeting in a few months. We need to get John on board. Mr. Manning recently heard about the Keep Mohawk Valley Beautiful- Land Bank Program. Council Member Glenn noted before the building is foreclosed upon the town would go to the banks and see if they could find another use or demo them. Council Member Glenn has asked the Town Attorney to revise the junk ordinance. He will have something back to us in a couple of weeks.

A resident asked for the definition of Blight. It will be in the new ordinance.

Supervisor Sullivan encouraged everyone to look the new proposed zoning ordinance and make suggestions to the Planning Board. It is easier to make revisions at this time. Once this is done then the document will go to the APA for their review. Then it will be reviewed by the Town Board for approval.

Council Member Manning would like to bring someone from the Land Bank program in for the next town board meeting. A presentation was done at the county level recently. They are looking for town and multi- county support. They go after the most distressed/undesirable properties and make them more marketable to developers to rehab them by perhaps removing the asbestos with grant money. They go after foreclosures, distressed, abandoned, and properties banks own and no one can get into. Only the City of Johnstown or the County can take these properties. One resident noted the counties resistance is because the local government loses control. If they take it they have control over what happens to the property. Our county would be up against the bigger cities in the region like Rome or Oneonta. They will be asked to come to the June meeting. This may not affect the town directly but we could be supporting the county doing it. That is what they are looking for.

Dog Control – Mr. Dutcher gave the clerk a report that he responded to 8 calls for the month. He responded to 2 dog bite calls and issued one ticket.

Golf Course – was here earlier but had to leave to shut the water off.

Highway – Mr. Putman noted in the bills tonight there are 3 for Power Point all for the same loader 544 G and 544 are the same. He has quotes for paving the East Shore Road. He will give the board copies.

The equipment trailer split in ½ it is rotted. It is off the road. His second year here he put a new deck on it and springs, brakes and lighting. Nothing showed at that time. It is a 1982 trailer before it went down for inspection they found flaking and cracks. He thinks he can purchase one for less than $20,000.00. Other towns used to borrow ours. He called CHIPS to see if he can use those funds to buy a trailer.

He hopes the town is “busting a move” on getting a new garbage truck.

He would like the board to consider a part time position added to the highway department. The guys have more time off and if two are off during paving he would need more help. He would like to see a retiree as this has been done in the past. They would only be called in when a man is out sick or has pressing needs. There are 8 men in the department.

The people from the APA looked at the tower site for any wetlands for a possible site for a salt shed. They felt we were in good shape. Permits from the state are necessary. Certain areas were flagged. He has not yet had time to talk to the neighbors of that property. He will get to them.

Recently he had a couple of questions from the public about what time the men work at the garage. During the summer the men work 10 hours shifts. In the winter 8 hour shifts. Without overtime they start at 6 am every day. The question was why they don’t go out until 6:45am. Every morning there is a pre shift briefing – he hands out the assignments for the day. They have a discussion what went on the day before – work that didn’t get finished, why it didn’t get finished, what is broke, what is not broke, what do they see on the roads what needs to be taken care of. The men who run the equipment (under federal and state guidelines) do a complete safety check on every vehicle that goes up and down the road. This was never done here before. The check the tires, brakes, lights, horn takes time. This is all documented.

The clerk and the Supervisor applied for the free National Joint Powers Alliance Membership.

Lake Steward Program – Mike Durkee reported things are going along nicely. On April 24, 2016 the town was notified that it received a DEC grant in the amount of about $65,000.00 for three years to operate a boat wash station. The staffing costs will be paid for by the grant. They will not have to generate more local expenses in order to qualify for the local match because of the money the town has been spending already for the inspections on West Lake are sufficient to meet the 25% matching requirement for the grant.

The pressure washer was delivered on Thursday. Mr. Durkee thanked Mr. Putman and his men who helped him get it all assembled. It is being stored at the Hwy. barn. They want to do a test run and make sure they can handle the runoff from it.

Three weeks ago ads were placed in the Leader Herald, Fulton County Express and online for the stewards and the boat washing station. He received 15 responses from people who expressed interest. Based on the on phone interviews he has 4 people he would like to hire. Two previously worked at the boat launch. The rate of pay is $10.20 per hour. He noted that rate is $3-4 lower than what Paul Smiths and Lake George is paying. There is training on May 24 for these employees.

Supervisor Sullivan noted Fulton County Electric was called to give the town a quote to provide power to the Boat Washing Station. It would be run under ground to the well. The shed is on order from the Amish. It won’t be here until May 25th.

Council Member Sturchio has been looking into the run off from the boat washing station. Mr. Stump quizzed him on the location which is at the top of a hill that leads directly downhill sloping directly down into Canada Lake. Council Member Sturchio called Soil and Water and the State and they will look at the site again. He wants to be reassured the site is OK for the Boat Washing Station. It was stated that the water is 200°and is that enough to kill the spinney flea, and zebra mussels. Mr. Durkee was at a meeting and learned that 140 °will kill these invasives. Council Member Sturchio noted the need to build berms, and grassy areas planted to trap the invasive species. He will meet with John Perish on Monday at 9:30 am to look at the site again.

Council Member Sturchio noted he received a letter from a resident in town who was concerned about the boat washing site. The town received the golf course parcels as a gift and the condition in the deed states the property must be used exclusively as a golf course and or for recreational purposes. If the conditions are violated then the property shall revert back to the heirs of Cyrus Durey. Council Member Manning wondered if someone should be contacted to sign off. Supervisor Sullivan knows of one and will contact them.

RESOLUTION #2016-069 to authorize spending for supplies for the Boat Washing Station was offered by Supervisor Sullivan at the May 11, 2016 regular monthly meeting of the Caroga Town Board. WHEREAS, the town board has been working to obtain a Boat Washing Station in the Town of Caroga since 2015, and WHEREAS, the Town received notification on April 24, 2016 that the town was awarded a grant in the amount of $64,784.00, now therefore be it RESOLVED, that the Caroga Town Board does hereby move to authorize Mike Durkee, member of the Canada Lake Conservation Association (CLCA) Invasive Species and Stewardship Committees, to purchase miscellaneous equipment and supplies for the sole purpose of the Boat Washing Stations Program not to exceed $1,000.00; and be it further RESOLVED, that Mike Durkee is also authorized to hire four stewards for operation of the boat wash station and to inspect boats at the N.Y.S. West Lake Boat Launch. The motion was seconded by Council Member Glenn.

No Discussion

Adopted by a vote of 5 Ayes; Sullivan, Sturchio, Glenn, Morris, Manning

It was noted that this program is strictly voluntary. People bringing boats into the NYS campground will be encouraged to bring their boats up to be inspected but it is still voluntary.

Weeds – Supervisor Sullivan took the harvester out of storage.

Youth – Council Member Morris noted that letter are being sent out as of May 1st to parents of past year’s participants. They will have until June 17 to return the applications. The kids will only be able to go to the water one day a week. The town can’t hire an aquatics director; the requirements are difficult to meet. The director wanted to notify everyone that all kids must take a swim test before they can go into the water. There will only be one day for the test – no makeup date.

Sherman’s Advisory Committee – Council Member Morris stated the committee was formed by the town board in hopes the members of the committee could advise the board on what we are going to do with the Sherman’s property. The committee does not make the final decision. The committee toured the property last week. The goal of the committee is to get proposals from the public. A Request for Proposals (RFP) was recently drawn up and a press release will be going out.

The process is lengthy. A website has been created – Shermansproposal.com. The committee discussed the possibility of hiring a brokerage firm to market the property. They don’t know if there would be a charge for it. The board was supportive of looking into the brokerage idea. A

public informational session will be held on June 9th @ 7pm at town hall. The board received a copy of a press release the committee would like distributed to various media outlets. It is very similar to the website. The town board will see all of the proposals. However the proposals are private during the application process because it is a competitive process. The applicants will be asked to submit a brief outline that the public can review. Developers will be evaluated on what their project can do for the town. A resident stated some brokers will want a piece of the action. They may want to resell the property. The property is not considered part of a historical register.

Council Members Sturchio & Glenn wanted the wording to say conveyance instead of sale or lease of the land. Attorney Barbara Lee suggested lease or conveyance.

Supervisor’s Report

Mike Durkee is working on a press release as we get closer to opening the boat wash station.

The state announced improvement of infrastructure at Caroga Lake Campsite. The waste water system is being worked on. 50 sites will be closed down for the season. The capacity of the system was not what it should be.

Supervisor Sullivan will get the same Landscaper to mow Sherman’s. One other individual was asked if they were interested. It will be mowed every other week for $120.00.

Trish Isabella of the Black Fly Festival has asked the town to assistance with the cost of 4 Port-a-Potty and to use Sherman’s for parking and maybe vendors. The cost of the rental is $75.00 each.

RESOLUTION #2106-070 to support the Black Fly Festival was offered by Council Member Glenn at the May 11, 2016 regular monthly meeting of the Caroga Town Board. WHEREAS, the town board has been approached by Trish Isabella on a couple of occasions to discuss a black fly festival she is sponsoring in the town on June 4 -5, 2016, and WHEREAS, additional parking for vendors and porta-pottys are needed for the event, now therefore be it RESOLVED, that the Caroga Town Board does hereby move to spend funds from the celebrations account for 4 port-a-potties for the event. The motion was seconded by Council Member Manning.

Adopted by a vote of 5 Ayes; Sullivan, Sturchio, Glenn, Morris, Manning

RESOLUTION #2016-071 to hire Lawn Tech to Mow and Sherman’s Property was offered by Council Member Morris at the May 11, 2016 regular monthly meeting of the Caroga Town Board. WHEREAS, the town was notified that the cost to maintain the Sherman’s property would increase this year, and WHEREAS, one other vendor was contacted but did not want to take on the job, now therefore be it RESOLVED, that the Town of Caroga does hereby move to hire Scott Parillo of Lawn Tech 224-4550 parillo1323@gmail.com to mow the Sherman’s Property every other week at a cost of $120.00. Supervisor Sullivan seconded the motion.

Adopted by a vote of 5 Ayes; Sullivan, Sturchio, Glenn, Morris, Manning

Old Business:

The board reviewed the Blacktop Sealing and Striping proposals.

Delcoat - $3450.00 for Town hall only

Crane – Town Hall $1289.00 +$125.00 striping and Golf Course $2223.00 + $225 striping

Anderseal -

It was suggest to do more of a paint job to let the surface breath. There are two areas of broken black top that need to be fixed at the golf course. Supervisor Sullivan will see if Mr. Putman will fix them. Part of the golf course parking area is a town road.

RESOLUTION #2016-072 to hire Crane to seal and strip the parking lots at the municipal building and the golf course was offered by Supervisor Sullivan at the May 11, 2016 regular monthly meeting of the Caroga Town Board. WHEREAS, the town did solicit bids last year for the sealing and striping of the Town Hall and Golf Course parking lots, and WHEREAS, the weather turned cold and the work was not done, and WHEREAS, several companies were contacted to give an estimate to seal and strip the town hall and golf course parking lots, now therefore be it RESOLVED, that the Town of Caroga does hereby move to hire Crane to strip and seal the Town Hall & Golf Course parking lots at a cost of $3,450.00. Council Member Morris seconded the motion.

Discussion - supervisor Sullivan will ask if he a material that will breathe a little better.

Adopted by a vote of 5 Ayes; Sullivan, Sturchio, Glenn, Morris, Manning

Council Member Glenn wondered if a cross walk could be painted from the campsite across the street to the Campers Corner Store. Supervisor Sullivan stated he would contact the DOT engineer in Fultonville.

Supervisor Sullivan would like two board members to look at the Insurance recommendations for the Sherman Property. Supervisor Sullivan and Council Member Manning will work on this. It was noted that the ice cream building and the concrete area by the beach are two areas the insurance company would like taken care of. Council Member Morris thought something should be done before the holiday weekend. The board stated they want the kids to stay out of there. They go in and skate board on and in the pavilion.

New Business:

Drainage from Boat Wash Station was already discussed.

Correspondence: Anyone who would like copies should contact the Clerk:

4/19 Fulton County Res. #156 authorizing municipalities to dispose of pull lever voting machines

4/19 Comptroller – review of corrective action plan

4/20 workers compensation quarterly report

4/22 APA minor project public notice 2016-75 Peck Associates a 2 lot subdivision

4/26 Nathan Littauer Foundation asks for donation for tournament

EAP – asks what is the best way to reach employees with information

Deed from Nick Stoner Golf Course – re: Land Use.

5/6 Pine Lake Lodge – Liquor License Renewal [There was no comment from the board.]

Landmark Dividend May 2016 “Why landlords sell cellular ground lease” memo. A copy will be forwarded to the board.

Earlier today Council Member Morris was in the clerk’s office when Americade called about a ride through the town of Caroga during bike week June 7 – 12 in Lake George. Cindy Marler of the Adirondack Lakers Assoc. will contact Gina at the Chamber of Commerce to follow through on this tourism opportunity.

Supervisor Sullivan has been in contact with Mang insurance who is now offering health insurance. This will be discussed when it is time to renew our policy.

Supervisor Sullivan reminded the public and the board that the garbage truck comes out of the General Fund. Some money has been put into a reserve fund for this purpose.

RESOLUTION #2016-073 to Purchase a Chassis and Compactor was offered by Supervisor Sullivan at the May 11, 2016 regular monthly meeting of the Caroga Town Board. WHEREAS, the refuse coordinator Steve Putman has been informing the board for quite some time that the Garbage Truck needed to be replaced, and WHEREAS, Mr. Putman brought information to the board on a Cobra Series compactor from CEJJ Inc. 939Route 9 Schodack Landing NY 12156, and an International chassis which will be put out to bond Now therefore be it RESOLVED, that the Caroga Town Board does hereby move to purchase a new garbage truck from CDJJ, Inc. for a Cobra packer for $55,420.70 and International Chassis from Navistar Inc. 399 Albany Shaker Rd suite 202 Loudonville, NY 12211 for $89,797.00 Council member Glenn seconded the motion.

Adopted by a vote of 5 Ayes; Sullivan, Sturchio, Glenn, Morris, Manning

Supervisor Sullivan contacted N.J.P.A. about becoming a member. The state office of general services used to bid out contracts but doesn’t anymore. This company is approved by the senate and assembly to do these contracts. We will have two numbers one for highway and one for the town. There is no cost to join.

Council Member Sturchio made a motion to pay the bills as presented for audit and to accept the minutes of the April 13, & April 20 work session meetings. Council member Glenn seconded the motion. All board members were in favor of the motion.


RESOLUTION #2016-074 to raise revenue and appropriations for snow plow truck was offered by Supervisor Sullivan at the May 11, 2016 regular monthly meeting of the Caroga Town Board. WHEREAS, the Town of Caroga purchased a 2016 International Dump Truck with Plow and WHEREAS, the Budget Director notified the board of the need to raise revenues and appropriations, Now therefore be it RESOLVED, that the Caroga Town Board does hereby move to amend the 2016 Highway Fund Budget to raise revenues and appropriations to use future bond proceeds to be received from NBT Bank for the purchase of one (1) 2016 International Dump Truck with plow as follows:

DA510- Estimated Revenues - $167,450.00

DA960 – Appropriations DA5130.2 – Machinery $167,450.00

Council Member Sturchio seconded the motion.

Adopted by a vote of 5 Ayes; Sullivan, Sturchio, Glenn, Morris, Manning

A resident suggested having a meeting of the board on a Saturday so that people who come up for the weekend can meet and ask questions of the board. His neighbors have questions about the infrastructure and Sherman’s. Maybe something could be set up at the June meeting.

At 9:40pm Supervisor Sullivan made a motion to enter into and executive to discuss the medical, financial, credit or employment history of a particular person or corporation, or matters leading to the appointment, employment, promotion, demotion, discipline, suspension, dismissal or removal of a particular person or corporation. Councilmember Sturchio seconded the motion. All board members were in favor of the motion.

At 10:37 pm Councilmember Glenn made a motion to exit from executive. Supervisor Sullivan seconded the motion. All board members were in favor of the motion. There were no decisions forthcoming as a result of the executive session.

The board set a work session for Wednesday May 18th at 7:30 pm. There was no specific topic for the session.

Respectfully Submitted,

Linda M. Gilbert RMC, CMC

Town Clerk

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