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Minutes of a Town Board Meeting held Wednesday, July 11, 2018

State of New York
County of Fulton
Town of Caroga

Minutes of the regular monthly Caroga Town Board meeting held Wednesday July 11, 2018 at the municipal building located at 1840 State Highway #10 at 7:00 pm with the following persons in attendance by Roll Call:

Supervisor James K. Selmser – Here
Council Member John Glenn – Here
Council Member Jeremy Manning – Here
Council Member James Long – Here
Council Member Kent Kirch – Here

Other town department representatives in attendance were: Steve Putman – Highway Superintendent, Mr. Travis building maintenance, John Duesler – Code Officer, and Town Attorney Dunn. There were 34 members of the public in attendance.

Supervisor Selmser called the meeting to order at 7 pm. The roll was called and salute to the flag followed.

Supervisor Selmser noted as advertised and as discussed at the prior meeting we had a public hearing at the prior meeting at it was decided to continue that public hearing and reopen it at this time to deal with property issues under Local Law #1 of 1990. The two properties that were initially listed were 83.9-4-19 located at 2328 State Highway 10 and 83.6-6-8 located at 2116 State Highway 10. The town attorney and code officer were present this evening. Supervisor Selmser stated this was part of the procedure for the local law. One of the other things that was required of the Town Board was to have an outside engineer do a review of the building and give us his impression of what the status of the buildings were. We have those documents we've looked at them and the board feels they should address these issues and move forward. There are two or three more steps in this process to move forward if they so desire. The floor was open for those who wanted to make amends or ask questions or make statements.

Jed Potocar asked about South Shore Road of West Caroga Lake. Supervisor Selmser stated we are addressing another issue.

Supervisor Selmser asked again for questions or concerns. He stated this was an issue at the last meeting. He noted two letters were received from neighbors. One was from the resident at 2318 State Highway 10. The other was from the resident at 2116 State Highway 10. Supervisor Selmser noted the context was that they wanted the board to take action and for the board to proceed with the unsafe structures and the blight in the town to be corrected and acted on.

Councilmember Kirch thought it would be helpful to people to understand this to share a little more information. He noted these properties had been cited not only by our current code officer but previously also. The owners have had plenty of notice that they are out of compliance. He noted Local Law #1 of 1990 states that the town once, it's deemed a structure unsafe and has certified as such, has the authority to take that building down and charge all of the expenses for tearing the building down to the property and assess it essentially like a tax. The town will end up paying for this. The short answer is “Yes” until that property either gets current with tax payments or sells. Then we would at least get part of our cost back. He hopes that answers a few questions.

A resident asked how do you get the people to leave. The response was you get the sheriff if you have to.

Attorney Dunn stated what he thinks everybody needs to understand is that there's always this balancing of personal properly rights that people have. Most of us in upstate New York like the fact that we are individuals we can take care of things and not have the government handle things for us but there comes a time when the town is faced with the responsibility to take care of its properties. By constitution a person is required to be given notice, due process, and an opportunity to be heard and provided a defense as to why the town shouldn't take action. These individuals have received all of that. The town's obligation now because the structures have been deemed unsafe is to move forward with the process of trying to demolish the buildings. The board is going to talk about asbestos studies and that adds costs to the process. But if no action is taken then there is a hazard in the community. There will be some expense and as Council Member Kirch said there is an opportunity to get some of this back thought the sale of the property or something like that but the town has the right to file suit against the owner and try to collect those costs.

It was asked what would happen if the property went up for sale at the tax auction. If it goes to the county – once it is in their hands if someone has an interest in buying it goes through they can buy it at the auction or separate. There is some rumor that one of the properties may have that happening but until it happens the town needs to proceed.

Council Member Kirch added that the code officer has been extremely patient and tried to be very helpful to these property owners to address these issues he wanted to commend him for the way he’s handled this.

Council Member Glenn ask the code officer to give a historical perspective as to when you started dealing with these people's properties how many times you visited them.

Mr. Duesler has documentation on each of these properties. He started them in February and March of 2017. Each time he goes there he documents the visit. He has 20 to 30 visits and or phone calls to each property. We have more than covered our bases and given them ample time to remedy the situation.

Supervisors Selmser interjected that even though the public announcement stated two properties the county did receive a bid higher than the value they were looking for they accepted that bid the taxes were paid and approved on Monday at the county meeting. The supervisor stated that the code officer believes the perspective owner is going to take responsibility from what we are being told. He will be doing remediation and cleaning up the property.

Mrs. Potocar asked about the property on the corner of S. Shore Road of West Caroga Lake. There is a property maintenance issue as they are not cutting the lawn. Mr. Duesler responded that a bank owns that right now and they're supposed to be maintaining it. It is hard to get them to comply. We are working on it and we have had some movement and some clean up.

Council Member Kirch stated that no one takes any pleasure and having to take action on a situation like this. So many of you in this town have talked about how you are concerned with blight. These are related to blight but are actually an unsafe structure. He is not happy to be doing this but thinks it is important based on the feedback you've given us.

Supervisor Selmser stated at 7:17 pm the public (comment) section was closed bur the public hearing for the unsafe structures would remain open. If anyone has any other comments on paving or other concerns. Another resident asked if South Shore Road was going to be paved this year. The highway superintendent Mr. Putman responded that he would talk about that during his portion of the meeting. Supervisor Selmser stated that we had a bid it was considerably more than we estimated the cost to be.

Gene Centi asked about the status of the property on 29A it seems like they are just parking tractors and vehicles in front of everything so you can't see it. Mr. Duesler the code officer responded that he just spoke to them yesterday. He received a certified letter that we are going to proceed with the local law. He gave him 7 days and if he didn't see significant progress and clean up then he was going to proceed with issuing tickets and fining him for the first, second, and third offenses. He thinks he got his attention finally. He has been doing a little bit but he told him a little bit doesn't cut it anymore.

Council Member Manning had a question for the town attorney. At this point in time what statutory steps do we take or can we just pass a resolution to start the process. Attorney Dunn responded you can pass a resolution because the town has the local law that entitles the town to do that. He stated the only reason the court would be involved is if you had to collect your costs. As a board you can move forward and make a resolution to take the next step in the process.

Council Member Kirch made a motion to accept the (amended) minutes of the June 20th town board meeting & the June 7th work session. Council Member Long seconded the motion. All board members were in favor of the motion.

Department Reports:

Assessor’s Report – Supervisor Selmser stated her report contained general information.

BTI – John Delesky submitted a written report and noted they can treat until the end of July but they are not finding larva in the streams.

Clerk/Registrar – The clerk submitted a monthly report and noted the board needs to act as a body and individual board members may not act unilaterally on behalf of the Town board. That is part of General Municipal Law 60 & 63 as it relates to maintenance of town property. Tax Collection books were presented for Audit in April to date only 2 board members had reviewed them and signed off.

Code Enforcement & Sanitation – Mr. Duesler submitted a report. He has been extremely busy. In the month of June he has issued 40 permits. Supervisor Selmser asked if he had compared that to the prior year. He had not. The communication between Code and Assessor has been flowing. He has requested additional help for the busy season. Supervisor Selmser stated they would probably go into an executive session at the end of the meeting and address that and one other legal issue regarding the Morey Road. Supervisor Selmser told the code officer he could leave. He was thanked for being here.

Blight – Council Member Kirch noted the point John made about additional help will be talked about in executive session.

Dog Control – Mr. Dutcher submitted a written report. Supervisor Selmser asked if there were still delinquent dog owners from last year. The clerk responded there were.

Golf Course – Council Member Glenn had three topics to discuss: how to improve our revenues on the golf course. Previously the board discussed having a reciprocity agreement with some of the other golf courses in the area. The Golf Pro checked with Fox Run and Hales Mills (both privately owned) for $25 golfers could use Nick Stoner Course. Years ago there was an inter county play on a regular basis.

The next concern was about volunteers on the golf course. Some volunteers have stepped forward to help at the golf course. He talked to Steve about this and he was willing to participate in it. He would be willing to manage it and run it he didn't anticipate needing more than three to five volunteers to help him put a coat of paint on the building. Maybe to clean up the inside of the building the locker rooms, Pro Shop, etc. Council Member Glenn questioned a statement in the waiver. He wanted to bring it to the board and public's attention. It says “at no time have I been informed or assured that I would be provided with any supervision or specific or personal direction with instruction by the board” "released party." This indicates that people can do work on the Golf Course without supervision or direction. Council Member Manning interjected that it must be under the direction of the golf pro.

The third subject is about the parking at the Nick Stoner Inn. The discussion was tabled until he could talk to Steve. He did not think it was good idea to do this for a couple reasons number one traditionally there is always been available to the general public - that parking area. It has more to do with a proprietors than the town board. Supervisor Selmser noted at the prior meeting there was a discussion about putting up some signs to redirect other parking choices on our property. Council Member Kirch stated the sign for the golf course is an eighth of a mile from the Pro Shop. He thought it was really effective to have a sign on the clubhouse this says there's parking there. Council Member Long stated that was a resolution he offered last time that someone tabled. Council Member Glenn stated yes he wanted the opportunity to talk to Mr. Jennings. Council Member Glen will bring this back to the golf pro. Mr. Putman wanted to be careful on this because the crosswalk from the golf course is dumped at the highway barn which is very dangerous for the golfers and people coming in and out of the Town Barn with the equipment. And two you don't want people to park down behind the clubhouse. Again because of the equipment that goes in and out of there. You do not need it. Three - had you talked to Mr. Jennings more extensively you could get with him where he tore his parking lot up to fix the sewer pipe... he didn't have money in his budget to fix it. There's also the area where the new well is for more parking. Mr. Putman noted across from town hall is an area for parking also. The teachers used it for years. He could put it in his budget and pave that area down to the golf course. Mr. Putman noted where they're parking now is legitimately Irving Pond Road. Cars are blocking that road. Council Member Long stated the resolution was just to procure signs. It did not speak to where they would be placed. Council Member Glenn stated the discussion should be tabled until he can talk to Mr. Jennings.

Highway – Mr. Putman wanted to talk about his workers golfing. He wanted to state that illegal activity will not be tolerated now. “Let it be knowing that it was not illegal activity that went on and it is not illegal activity going on so you should not say that from the public to give them the wrong idea of what was going on over there.”. For some reason Council Member Long wanted to volley this when I thought I should be discussed in private. The main reason I brought it up is because people are being treated unfairly with it. He is 200% against that. If you do it for one you do it for all. It was not illegal activity and it is not illegal activity now he checked into it. Council Member Manning stated it probably wasn't back then... Check into it Mr. Putman said. That's all I had to say about it.

Tomorrow we're going to be applying dust control to Pine Lake Road and Stoner Lake East Shore. They're using a product from Suit Cote and it is totally APA approved and EPA approved. The key to it is to keep folks off of it as much as possible for the day so it has time to cure. Mr. Putman noted yes they were working on South Shore and we had put it out to bid. The bids came in way over of what we had expected. He's going to continue to work on it until we can figure out a feasible way we can work on the road and keep it rolling. Is not totally gone to the wayside. It's one of the things he wanted to discuss with the board. He has been working with Dave Clements with the CHIPS Program for our paving. We need to stretch it out because it's so expensive. He was thinking he could put binder down himself and go to the board to see if they would set aside $50,000 for the next 3 years extra in the budget and he could get beyond the CHIPS thing. Once he goes over $250,000 then he has to go out to bid. He knows this is one of the roads that drastically needs work. He will continue working on it.

It was asked if he could go out to bid with other towns to lower the price. Mr. Putman responded no.

When the town does its own paving we share services. The county has helped us out tremendously there is no cost to the town. Council Member Manning asked if he could do (go out to bid for) a portion of the road. Mr. Putman stated he can and he is trying to figure out how he can get done feasibly, but he is in trouble with a couple of trucks. We can continue to prep and then binder and pave it next year. You don’t know the price until you do the sealed bid. He noted he has not paved at all this year.

Regarding East Shore Road (lawsuit) he hasn’t heard anything on that. Maybe the board has and maybe they could let him know or check with someone about what is going on. Council Member Manning asked if we had an outline yet. The survey was completed. Council Member Manning will reach out to Mike McNamara to see what the next steps are.

Mr. Putman noted Council Member Kirch notified the board about the equipment needs. He wanted to reiterate that when he took office the town was so far behind on replacing equipment it's more than likely we're never going to catch up. But we have to keep plugging away at it. As he mentioned he has two trucks that are in rough shape. He encouraged people to come down and look at his equipment he keeps them up but you're only going to get so much out of them. The two oldest dump trucks are the 04 and the 06. The 06 is a full plow. We were considering replacing that but it would be better to replace the 04 because it's not a plow truck. It’s a standard dump truck. The full plow trucks going to be dump truck, sander, also with a plow on it. If we kept the 06 until we can replace the 04 at least we'll have another full plows truck ready to roll. Mr. Putman suggested purchasing from the cooperative contracts out there. That means you don't have to go out to bid there's Onondaga contracts and NJPA for national contracts that will save us several months of going to bid. Maybe there is a vehicle on the lot someplace that meets our needs. Then you only have to put the plow system put on it. He found when we built the 2013 Freightliner we built it as a complete plow and sander built-in and everything. When there are more moving parts on a vehicle there a lot more moving parts that can go wrong. He buys the stainless steel sanders and installs them which work well and they are removed in the summer. Supervisor Selmser didn't think we had the opportunity to piggyback we purchased the plow truck before. Supervisors Selmser noted there is money to cover the majority of one truck. Mr. Putman was looking at Auctions International to sell one or two which will be a determining factor of how much we get credit and how much we have to borrow.

Council Member Kirch had some observations; one he went over to the garage and he looked at all the vehicles in the sander boxes. He agrees that the stainless steel boxes are the way to go as opposed to getting one built in - it is difficult to service. He especially likes Steve’s point about the current dump truck/sander truck that is a two-wheel drive vehicle not four-wheel like the rest. We need 4 wheel drive obviously and to replace it with a truck that would also be a plow would give us an option for a plow for not a lot more money. So it seems to him the 04 is the one to replace and to replace it with a full sander, dump truck, plow. Based on the budget we have what he is like to do is to pass a resolution to authorize Steve to go out and solicit bids or talk to these parties about contracts we can be part of so he can come back to us with an actual vehicle and the cost that we can make a decision on. Supervisor Selmser asked if he had any idea of what the cost would be. Mr. Putman stated he has to make some calls. He has to pinpoint which vehicles will meet our specs. He does not want anything less than what we had. He noted how time consuming it was to build a vehicle. If there's a vehicle there that is road ready just put a plow on to it we would be so much further time wise and it would get us out of trouble. Tonight you would like approval from town board to say yes we are going to go out and get a vehicle and get the best price possible. Councilmember Manning asked if we were committing to purchase tonight Mr. Putman responded no. He suggested going with Auctions International but there are others out there. They can't tell us how much we're going to get for a truck but we can put a minimum bid on it. Supervisor Selmser noted in looking at the budget line items for bond payments that came to find out the one truck which would have been the garbage truck that came off at the end of last year. So there is another $18,400 in the budget. We can go out and bond for a truck also. Supervisor Selmser wondered about replacing Mr. Putman's pickup truck. He noted the 2019 will be more expensive. His truck is in excellent condition right now which will give us more money at the auction to he just turned 66,000 on it. It's always been maintained.

Resolution #2018-076 to authorize Steve Putman Highway Superintendent to solicit pricing for two trucks was offered by Council Member Kirch at the regular monthly meeting of the Caroga Town Board held on Wednesday July 11, 2018 at town hall.

WHEREAS, the board and the highway Superintendent discussed replacing the 2004 dump truck and his pickup truck, now therefore be it

RESOLVED, that Mr. Putman is authorized to solicit bids for the two trucks and to bring information to the next board meeting.

Council Member Glenn seconded the resolution.

Adopted by a vote of 5 Ayes, Selmser, Glenn, Manning, Long, Kirch

Lake Steward Program - Mike Durkee submitted his report he had nothing else to add.

Town Hall Building – Mr. Travis noted the kids are here for the next couple of weeks. He has one person to put in a bid. Another person is on vacation. He wondered if he could bring information to the Town Hall meeting next week. The board will look at it when they get the information.

It was noted that the town hall meeting will be at the Wheelerville School.

Lakes Management Program – Mr. Centi asked for a board decision to make a budget transfer from A8090.11 to 8090.2. The money was to be used for stewards on East Caroga Lake. Since we didn’t do that….. he wanted to use that money to purchase a GPS System and software.

RESOLUTION #2018-077 to authorize a budget line item transfer was offered by Council Member Kirch at the regular monthly meeting of the Caroga Town Board held on Wednesday July 11, 2018 at town hall.

WHEREAS, the town board and Mr. Centi the weed harvesting coordinator discussed making a budget line item transfer to purchase a GPS System now therefore be it

RESOLVED, that the following Budget transfer shall be made as follows.

From: A8090.11 Personal Services $8,000

TO: A8090.2 Equipment $8,000

Council Member Manning seconded the resolution.

The clerk asked if money could be transferred from the salary to the contractual line. The bookkeeper was consulted about the transfer.

Adopted by a vote of 5 Ayes, Selmser, Glenn, Manning, Long, Kirch

Mr. Centi stated he is down one diver due to health issues, she is unable to do the physical necessities to get the job done. The other divers are filling in her hours. The very dangerous metal ladder that was on the boat was replaced. Mr. Centi showed a net with a bamboo handle that is used by West Caroga Lake Assoc. members to pick up fragments of milfoil. If you See it, Scoop it, Trash it. He offered the nets to anyone that wanted one for use when on your pontoon boat or kayak. There are about 17 people out on the lake daily picking up fragments.

He has a real problem with boaters on the lake. They are deliberately charging at the weed harvester. A couple of jet skiers were grabbing at the diver down flags. They washed the boat with waves. When he see them he stops it. It is amazing how many people don’t understand they have to be 300 ft. away for the dive flags. Additionally they should only be doing a wake speed of 5 – 10 mph. Council Member Manning asked if he got the registration numbers. He is not always there. There is an air horn on the boat. It is for the boaters safety too as there are hoses they could get tangled with. Mr. Putman offered an extra camera he could use. Mr. Centi would be glad to borrow it,

It was suggested to hand out flyers at the marina and campsite to let people know divers are out there. To date they have removed 2498 bushels which is 60% of last year’s total. He noted there is one very large patch on the Garlock Road side. Council Member Glenn will try looking with a drone to see if he can see weeds in the lake. He has been looking at a system that has radar that will work under water.

Mr. Centi is using a lot of fuel about three times the amount of last year. He thanked Mr. Putman and his guys for being accommodating. Supervisor Selmser noted that the county owns three drones. One at Soil and Water, the Planning Dept. and the Sheriff just got a new one. He will ask to see if there is a possibility of borrowing or using it somehow.

West Caroga Lake has two spots of milfoil. One on the north shore and one on the south shore with some trace areas. It will be done on Monday.

At 8:02 pm the public hearing on the unsafe buildings was closed. There were no more comments on the issue.

Youth - There was a bit of a situation with the youth program Supervisor Selmser reported but it did get off narrowly. There are 60 kids signed up.

Supervisor’s Report - From the last meeting a resolution was passed that we thought we might have to get pluming and electric to the well drilled by Hawk. Mr. Putman and Supervisor Selmser met with Hawk and they will do the majority of the work. They will find an excavator and resubmit an estimated cost to that. It will be somewhat what higher than the resolution passed last November. It is estimated to be 242 ft. from the well to the highway barn then you have to run to the golf course. It needs to be turnkey. Council Member Manning asked if we needed estimates from plumbers. The power needs to be upgraded to run the pump. Council Member Manning wondered if this constitutes a whole new project. It was thought we need to get three quotes. Council Member Manning thought a general contract (GC) would have to oversee and coordinate the whole thing. Supervisor Selmser noted after talking to Hawk they can do the work. Their concern is supplying the digging and the electrical feed. They are acting as the GC. The clerk asked for specifications before a resolution is made. Once Hawk gives us something then we can compare it.

Council Member Kirch wanted a resolution on the unsafe properties. Supervisor Selmser stated we have to submit RFP for estimated remediation work or asbestos….and it would really be only one property. (We don’t know for sure) Council Member Manning noted first you get the inspection report first then that will determine if you have to go on to abatement.

RESOLUTION #2018-078 to solicit price quotations for asbestos inspection for SBL 83.6-6-8 and SBL 83.9-4-19 was offered by Council Member Long at the regular monthly meeting of the Caroga Town Board held on Wednesday July 11, 2018 at town hall.

WHEREAS, two public hearings were held on two unsafe building in the Town of Caroga identified as SBL 83.6-6-8 and SBL 83.9-4-19, now therefore be it

RESOLVED, that the bids shall be obtained for the next meeting.

Council Member Manning seconded the resolution.

Adopted by a vote of 5 Ayes, Selmser, Glenn, Manning, Long, Kirch

Supervisor Selmser noted at the last meeting there was supposed to be a bid to do some roof repairs after a flood we had on top. The roof he believed is from 1957. Council Member Kirch thought spending $42,000 on a small leak was a lot in his opinion. He heard the drain was clogged which caused some things to over flow and leak. It was cleaned out. Supervisor Selmser noted there has been a small leak still. Maybe it is still blocked. Mr. Travis commented that the membrane in front of the gym doors is gone. The gym roof would not be replaced. Council Member Manning was in favor of repairing the room not replacing it. Supervisor Selmser was looking to Council Member Manning for suggestions as he is in the construction business.

Mr. Travis and the board discussed the various leaking areas of the roof at town hall. Council Member Manning stated the building is shot, it is like putting icing on a moldy cake. Getting bids was suggested and asking for bidders to repair the leaks. Mr. Travis has a list of the known leaks. He sated the one in front of his utility room. Council Member Long wanted the leaks specified. Supervisor Selmser suggested having him bring a list next month. There is one in back of the budget girl, behind the assessor (he has buckets up in the ceiling) there are 4 or 5 other places. It was noted that Correll Roofing gave a quote for $42,000 on the roof. Council Member Glenn read from the quote – they would do the front roof of the municipal building approx. 3500 Sq. Ft.

RESOLUTION #2018-079 to go out to bid for the repair of all leaks in the town hall roof was offered by Council Member Manning at the regular monthly meeting of the Caroga Town Board held on Wednesday July 11, 2018 at town hall.

WHEREAS, the building maintenance person Don Travis and the Town Board discussed and identified the various leaks in the roof at town hall, and

WHEREAS, the board desires to get bids to repair the roof, now therefore be it,

RESOLVED, that the Caroga Town Board does hereby move to obtain bids for the repair of all leaks in town hall per the list from Mr. Travis.

Council Member Long seconded the resolution.

Discussion: Mr. Travis was asked to get together with Council Member Long. The Town Clerk asked if the leak in the records room was on his list. Historical and payroll records are in jeopardy of being damaged by the leaking roof. Mr. Travis forgot about that leak.

Adopted by a vote of 5 Ayes, Selmser, Glenn, Manning, Long, Kirch

Mr. Lynch will be called by Council Member Glenn about installing the heating system at the Highway Garage.

At last month’s meeting a written request came in from Nathan Littauer Hospital asking for a donation for their annual golf tournament on July 13th. Supervisor Selmser read the letter. Council Member Long asked the clerk if this wasn’t already done. The clerk replied it was on the agenda under correspondence and no one made the resolution.

RESOLUTION #2018-080 to make a donation of four (4) greens fees (including carts) to Nathan Littauer Hospital for their upcoming golf tournament offered by Supervisor Selmser at the regular monthly meeting of the Caroga Town Board held on Wednesday July 11, 2018 at town hall.

WHEREAS, the Town Clerk received a letter dated June 18th 2018 from Kelly Colby the Development Coordinator at Nathan Littauer Hospital to request a Nick Stoner golf package for four people (including carts) to be awarded at the Littauer Adirondack Challenge on July 13, 2018, and

WHEREAS, the town has been very generous with this package for the past 10 years. Now therefore be it

RESOLVED, that the Caroga Town Board does hereby move to donate four (4) greens fees and two carts being donated by Steve Jennings – Golf Pro to Nathan Littauer Hospital for their upcoming golf tournament the Adirondack Challenge on July 13th, 2018.

Council Member Long seconded the resolution.

Adopted by a vote of 5 Ayes, Selmser, Glenn, Manning, Long, Kirch

Supervisor Selmser stated he gave board members a copy of a letter from the Adirondack Park Agency (APA). They requested a form be filled out regarding the Short Environmental Assessment Form (SEQR) part 92) is to be completed by the lead agency. The lead agency has to complete the short form doing a brief assessment and declaring there are no environmental issues on the form that it is not a positive declaration but a negative with no issues. Part 2 and part 3 of the form (already filled out) A flow chart with the list of requirements was also attached.

RESOLUTION #2018-081 to authorize Supervisor Selmser to sign this negative determination - SEQR was offered by Council Member Long at the regular monthly meeting of the Caroga Town Board held on Wednesday July 11, 2018 at town hall.

WHEREAS, the Adirondack Park Agency forwarded information to the town supervisor regarding the Short Environmental Assessment Form (SEQR) part 2 page 1 of 2 and part 3 Determination of Significance page 2 of 2, now therefore be it

RESOLVED, that the Caroga Town Board does hereby move to authorize Supervisor Selmser to sign this negative determination – SEQR.

Council Member Manning seconded the resolution.

Adopted by a vote of 5 Ayes, Selmser, Glenn, Manning, Long, Kirch

The supervisor will get together with the clerk and forward it to the APA.

Supervisor Selmser stated the board has financial reports showing the balance sheet knowing what the cash position and expenses versus the budget. Mr. Putman did get information last month from the bookkeeper as to the balance on his accounts but not this months.

Supervisor Selmser asked if there was any information on the second round of bids. The clerk asked Council Member Long if he had the first round of sealed bids paperwork. He did and it was given over to the clerk. The packet was opened by Council Member Long. He stated this is a bid for a parcel that the town owns on state highway 10 next to the old store. The bidder Hashtag Adirondack Management LLC submitted two bids. #1 is for $2,500.00 but it includes conditions. Council Member Long stated “we did not authorize conditions.” They want the town attorney to assume the transfer and closeout of the property and merge SBL# 83.6-3-2 into their existing property SBL# 83.6-3-1 into one tax map number. The second bid is of $1,750.00 which is below the minimum. Council Member Kirch stated we did not say they could not offer conditions. There is one more round of bids to go through. He wanted to go through that process. Supervisor Selmser stated the other one was disqualified and this is disqualified. Council Member Kirch questioned that statement. Supervisor Selmser then stated he agreed with Council Member Kirch.

Council Member Long then proposed a resolution to set the next town board meeting. The clerk reminded him that the regular monthly town board meetings were set at the reorganizational meeting in January.

RESOLUTION #2018-082 to solicit the third and final round of bidding on parcel 83.6-3-1 was offered by Council Member Long at the regular monthly meeting of the Caroga Town Board held on Wednesday July 11, 2018 at town hall.

WHEREAS, the board desires to solicit the third and final round of bidding on parcel 83.6-3-1 and,

WHEREAS, a deadline of Tuesday August 7th at 3 pm has been set to receive any and all bids, now therefore be it

RESOLVED, that notification shall be placed in the paper of record the Leader Herald using the same language as before.

Council Member Manning seconded the resolution.

Discussion: Council Member Kirch stated to the public that this is the property if you are at the post office to the east or right – the old store with the Pepsi sign on it this is the property immediately to the right of that building it is vacant property. They want it for parking they bought the property last December.

Adopted by a vote of 5 Ayes, Selmser, Glenn, Manning, Long, Kirch

Council Member Manning wanted to discuss the no parking signs for Sherman’s. A resolution was passed in September of 2017 to regulate parking on the property. The area between East Shore and Rt. 29A was to have no overnight parking and also no unauthorized vehicles on the asphalt (midway) no one ever followed through with the signs. Supervisor Selmser will contact Paul Lakata. Council Member Manning wanted 6 for the parking area and 4 on the main midway area. Supervisor Selmser wanted a size and wording.

New Business:

The Fulton County Chamber of Commerce has limited number of Caroga Hiking Maps.

NYS DOT has asked to use Meeting Room 8/13/18 9:30 – 12:30 Training on Invasive Species

The clerk received a request to again hold Bridge in the meeting room on Thursday afternoons

Waiver for Golf Course

The Town Wide Garage Sale is Saturday 7/28, contact the Clerk’s office to be put on the map by Noon on 7/25.

Supervisor Selmser asked if there was any more new business. The clerk asked about the meeting with the insurance agent last week. Supervisor Selmser noted his meeting with the NYMIR representative who recommended updating the notification of road defects Local Law because we didn’t have sidewalks in our law.

The clerk then asked about the supervisor’s meeting with Bill VanGorder from NBT Mang Insurance. I spoke briefly to him about setting policy for town owned property. If you don’t have a policy then you are not in control of your properties. Supervisor Selmser informed the board that Mr. VanGorder had given him a 31 page book to review.


Fulton Co. Workers Comp. 2nd Quarter Assessment

Margaret & Tom Poellot re: 2328 Route 10 unsafe building

E-Mail NYMIR offers Health and Safety Courses

Charter Communications change in programming notice

The business spot light was held. Merryn A. Byrnes gave an overview of Canada Lake Store and the Lake Effect Café run by the Fielding family.

At 8:40 pm Council Member Long made a motion to enter into an executive session to discuss pending litigation regarding the Morey Road and to discuss a personnel issue. Council Member Kirch seconded the motion. All board members were in favor of the motion.

At 9:12 pm Supervisor Selmser made a motion to exit from the executive session. Council Member Long seconded the motion. All board members were in favor of the motion.

Council Member Kirch explained there was a situation in the code office where we are in need of some additional help on a temporary basis over the next 30 – 60 days. He stated the board was interested in appointing Tor Shekerjian to take the position for up to 20 hours per week at a rate of $20.00 as the assistant to the code officer. The position will be on an as needed up until/ no longer than September 14th. He will assist the code officer with primarily the administrative side of his position. This will allow him to spend more time out in the field.

RESOLUTION #2018-083 to hire an Assistant to the Code Officer was offered by Council Member Kirch at the regular monthly meeting of the Caroga Town Board held on Wednesday July 11, 2018 at town hall.

WHEREAS, the Caroga Town Board entered into an executive session and

WHEREAS, the board desires to hire an assistant code officer for a temporary basis, now therefore be it

RESOLVED, that the Caroga Town Board does hereby move to hire Tor Shekerjian for up to 20 hours a week at a rate of $20.00 per hour until September 14, 2018.

Council Member Long seconded the resolution.

Adopted by a vote of 5 Ayes, Selmser, Glenn, Manning, Long, Kirch

At 9:15 pm Council Member Long made a motion to adjourn. Council Member Glenn seconded the motion. All board members were in favor of the motion.

Respectfully Submitted,

Linda M. Gilbert, RMC, CMC

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