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Minutes of the Regular monthly Caroga Town Board meeting held Wednesday August 14, 2019 at the municipal building located at 1840 State Highway #10 at 7:00 pm with the following persons in attendance by roll call:

Supervisor James K. Selmser - Here

Council Member John Glenn - Here

Council Member Jeremy Manning - Here

Council Member James Long - Here

Council Member Kent Kirch - Here

Other town department representatives in attendance were: Steve Putman Highway Superintendent, and Gene Centi – Lakes Management. There were 34 members of the public in attendance.

Supervisor Selmser opened the meeting at 7 pm with the salute to the flag followed by a moment of silence for Gary Gifford former Town Supervisor. The supervisor announced that the board would probably go into an executive session at the end of the meeting for some legal issues.

Public: Don Travis secretary of the Caroga Fish and Game Club asked the board to consider putting money in the 2020 Budget to make a donation for fish stocking on East & West Caroga lakes.

Joyce Barrett thanked the board for putting up the STOP signs on East Shore Road. She noted people are still going through the stop signs and wondered if putting down white lines would help.

Fred Male also was thankful for the stop signs but doesn’t think they are as effective as the blockade. There is still a big issue with speeding – more enforcement is needed. He has called the Sheriff several times but it is all in the timing.

Claudia Insogna – Noted there is still speeding on S. Shore Road of East Caroga. There is nobody to monitor that road there either. She noted there are big trucks on the road and wondered where they are coming from. Construction was the board’s response.

Shirley Holiday expressed a concern about the sign advertising the concerts. Did that belong to Sherman’s? Supervisor Selmser stated not to his knowledge. She wanted to know where it came from. It was moved four times all over town. She asked who gave permission for CAC to use the sign to advertise. Supervisor Selmser stated CAC was instructed to remove it which they did now it is back again. It may cause an issue next year. They will need a permanent permit to have the signs. Shirley wanted to know who owns it. She wanted an answer.

Mr. Putman Highway Superintendent asked if he was going into the executive session with the board. Supervisor Selmser responded if he wanted to and responded affirmatively presently.

At 7:07 pm the public portion of the meeting was closed.

Assessor: A report was submitted. The assessor also submitted a letter regarding her interest in continuing to work for the town. Supervisor Selmser stated we need to address that and revisit her prior contract and work up a new contract with any possible time changes. Her term expires at the end of September. It is a 6 year appointment. Council Members Glenn and Kirch will serve on this committee.

BTI: Mrs. Delesky stated they are done treating for the year. John Delesky will compile a report for the next meeting.

Clerk/Tax Collector – A report was submitted. The tax collector, Linda Gilbert, asked the board to take action on accepting the tax collection books as presented for audit in May of 2019. The Clerk asked the board to review all of the comments submitted on the report.

RESOLUTION #2019-081 to accept the Tax Collectors books for audit for the year 2019 was offered by Council Member Glenn at the regular monthly meeting of the Caroga Town Board held on August 14, 2019 at 7 pm at town hall.

WHEREAS, the Tax Collector Linda Gilbert presented her books for audit at the May 2019 regular monthly town board meeting, and

WHEREAS, four of the five Council Members have reviewed the books as presented for audit and signed off as doing so, now therefore be it

RESOLVED, that the Caroga Town board does hereby move to accept the Tax Collectors books as presented for audit for the year 2019.

Seconded by Supervisor Selmser

Adopted by a vote of 5 Ayes: Selmser, Glenn, Manning, Long, Kirch

Code Enforcement - A report was submitted. Supervisor Selmser noted there has been a lot of activity. Forty permits were issued for a total of $3,665.00 taken in. The valuation totaled over a million dollars. There are other pending construction permits for garages and four new homes that Mr. Duesler is working on. There are some recommendations he would like to make at a future meeting. Council Member Kirch stated he continues to see improvements in blight situations around town. The code officer’s approach is to be patient and reasonable with people as long as they continually improve he works with them. He thinks the strategy is paying off.

Dog Control –No report Mr. Dutcher was going to email the clerk his report but didn’t. He is out of town. The Clerk reported there are five dogs from January to June who’s owners did not renew their licenses.

Golf Course – No report Supervisor Selmser noted the receipts have been very consistent with last year. Year to date we are up to $112,000.00 in receipts. If the weather cooperates it will help us with attendance at the golf course and bring in people to the town.

Highway: - Supervisor Selmser believed there were some bids opened regarding paving. Mr. Putman responded no. About the stop signs – according to Sheriff Giardino he made a state of emergency that is why they were put up right now. He noted the need to have the local law made. There will be white lines painted. Mr. Putman stated he was sorry about S. Shore Rd. East Caroga. It is beyond his control. We need more patrols up here. Mr. Putman recommended a town constable. Not someone part time from the Sheriff’s Department. We could have a car with radar writing tickets. This town used to have one.

Supervisor Selmser stated he has made attempts to contact DOT and the County Highway Superintendent regarding language for a local law. As of yet he has not been able to procure that. The supervisor thought we could construct the language and tentatively schedule a public hearing for our September meeting. The clerk noted the board could not schedule a public hearing until they have something to present. There isn’t anything to present to the public tonight. The clerk stated there would have to be another meeting to present the language then the public hearing can be set. At this time we can’t do anything. Council Member Kirch wanted to work on this in the next week and have a special meeting to pass that. The clerk offered to make phone calls for the board regarding this matter. Council Member Glenn wanted the clerk to make a phone call. Supervisor Selmser stated DOT is not returning his phone calls.

Supervisor Selmser stated he has not heard anything more on the new truck. The last he heard it was anticipated to be ready for the end of August. Attorney Dunn did forward over information on the bond for the meeting tonight. Mr. Putman was up to Viking Cives and noted the truck has a little ways to go yet. The truck is totally built except for the box and plow system. We will be lucky if we get it by the end of August. There are four pages of required language under NYS financing law for the bond.

RESOLUTION #2019-082 to authorize financing of the new plow truck through issuance of a series of serial bonds to NBT Bank was offered by Council Member Kirch at the regular monthly meeting of the Caroga town Board held on August 14, 2019 at 7 pm at town hall.

WHEREAS, after due deliberation by the Town Board of the Town of Caroga at work sessions on August 28, 2018, and July 22, 2019, the Town Board has approved the purchase of a new plow truck with dump body and plow equipment; and,

WHEREAS, the Board discussed financing said truck at a prior meeting of the Town Board, and Supervisor Selmser determined after comparisons of rates from Municipal Leasing Consultants (MLC) that NBT Bank provides the best rate currently for such financing; and,

WHEREAS, the best current rate was determined to be at 2.7% on $110,000.00 with interest amounting to $5,939.00 over a three-year term;

NOW THEREFORE, be it resolved by the affirmative vote of not less than two-thirds of the voting strength of the Town Board of the Town of Caroga, as follows:

Section I. The purchase of a new plow truck, including dump body and plow equipment, as described in detail in Addendum A, is hereby authorized; that said expenditure shall be financed for $110,000.00 (One hundred-ten thousand and 00/100 dollars) exclusive of interest; and a portion of the expenditure—$49,122.00 (Forty-nine thousand, one hundred twenty-two

and 00/100 dollars)—shall be paid

Section II. It is hereby determined that the plan for financing of said object is as follows:

  1. through the issuance of $110,00.00 (One hundred-ten thousand and 00/100 dollars) serial bonds of the Town of Caroga, pursuant to the authority granted in NY Local Finance Law Article II, at a rate of 2.7% for an estimated total of $115,939.94 over a period of three years; and,

  2. through payment in the amount of $49,122.00 (Forty-nine thousand, one hundred twenty-two and 00/100 dollars) to be drawn from the Town of Caroga’s Highway Reserve Account.

Section III. The Period of Probable Usefulness (PPU) is five years, pursuant to Local Finance Law §10.32, however, the Town of Caroga shall limit the maturity of Bonds issued to fund this purchase to three years. It is hereby determined that the maximum maturity of the serial bonds herein mentioned shall not exceed the PPU of five years.

Section IV. Pursuant to the provisions of Local Finance Law, the power to authorize the issuance of and to sell bond anticipation notes in anticipation of the issuance and sale of the serial bonds herein authorized, including renewal of such notes, is hereby delegated to the Town Supervisor as Chief Fiscal Officer. Such note shall be of such terms, form and contents and shall be sold in such manner as may be prescribed by the Chief Fiscal Officer, consistent with provisions in the Local Finance Law.

Section V. All other matters except as provided herein relating to the serial bonds herein authorized, including the date, denominations, maturities and interest payment dates, with the limitation prescribed herein and the manner of execution of the same, including the consolidation with other issues, and also the ability to issue serial bonds with substantially eve or declining annual debt service, shall be determined by the Town Supervisor, as Chief Fiscal Officer. Such Bonds shall contain substantially the recital of validity clause provided for in Section 52.00 of the Local finance Law, and shall otherwise be in such for and contain such recitals, in addition to those required by Section 51.00 of the Local Finance Law as the Supervisor shall determine consistent with the provisions of the Local Finance Law.

Section VI. Such Bonds shall be in fully registered form and shall be signed in the name of the Town of Caroga, New York, by the manual or facsimile signature of the Supervisor, and a facsimile of its corporate seal shall be imprinted or impressed thereto and may be attested by the manual or facsimile signature of the Town Clerk.

Section VI. The Faith and Credit of the Town of Caroga, Fulton County, New York, are hereby irrevocably pledged for the payment and interest on such bonds as the same respectively become due and payable. An annual appropriation shall be made in each year sufficient to pay the principal of and interest on such bonds becoming due and payable in such year. There shall annually be levied on all the taxable real property of said Town a tax sufficient to pay the principal of and interest of such bonds as the same become due and payable.

Section VII. This Resolution shall constitute a statement of official intent for purposes of Treasury Regulations Section 1.150-2. Other than as specified in this regulation, no monies are, or are reasonably expected to be, reserved, allocated for a long-term basis, or otherwise set aside with respect to the permanent funding of the object or purpose described herein.

Section VIII. The validity of such bonds and bond anticipation notes may be contested only if:

  1. Such obligations are authorized for an object or purpose for which said Town is not authorized to spend money; or,

  2. The provisions of law which should be complied with at the date of publication of this resolution are not substantially complied with, and an action, suit or proceeding contesting such validity is commenced within twenty days after the date of such publication; or,

  3. Such obligations are authorized in violation of the provisions of the Constitution.

Section IX. This Resolution, which takes effect immediately, shall be published in full, or a summary thereof shall be published in the official newspaper of the Town, together with a notice of the Town Clerk in substantially the form provided in Section 81.00 of the Local Finance Law.

Dated: this 14th day August, 2019

Seconded by Council Member Glenn

Adopted with a vote of 5 Ayes:

Supervisor Selmser - Aye

Council Member Long -Aye

Council Member Glenn - Aye

Council Member Manning - Aye

Council Member Kirch - Aye

Lakes Management Program – Mr. Centi reported the program will end Labor Day. He hopes a couple will stay on to do some spot cleaning up. He also wants to prime and paint the harvester. The Caroga Marina will be removing the harvester out of the water this year. We had to scrap the trailer that we had. It will be put on some blocks with the option of having it shrink wrapped. Mr. Centi stated they did some additional work besides diving. The divers trimmed the trees on the West Caroga side of the channel. Linda Stevens did give her permission to trim the trees back. Mr. Centi spoke to DEC about the outlet. People are having a hard time navigating the outlet. Navigation aids will be put in next year. Hopefully there will be channel markers all the way down. The white buoys on East Caroga are out of place. The criteria to place buoys are any area within 100 ft. of shore that is less than four feet of water is where the markers should be. Some of them right now are in 6 – 8 feet of water. That cuts into the navigable area between Garlock Road and the point. The divers are passionate about cleaning up the lake. They have removed over 200 cans and bottles, an old row boat, wood stove pipes, & over 50 golf balls. That is without even trying. Mr. Centi has responded to 5 calls about weeds in front of residential areas. He noted there are good weeds and bad weeds. Of the 5 calls they were all good weeds. He wants to add information on weeds to the website to what you can and cannot do. The Bi-annual survey will be done on September 5th with Larry Eckler. Lee Walrath will also come down from the APA and do a tour of the lake as well.

There was no report from the Stewards program. Mr. Centi discussed inspections of the boats. It is his understanding that invasives can be transported via anchor lines, lead lines, and fishing poles. In his observation these items are not being checked or cleaned at the boat wash station. Council Member Long stated they should be checking lead lines. Mr. Centi stated they visually inspect the trailer and boat and if there is any vegetation they wash it down. This was of concern to Mr. Centi.

Town Hall Building – There was no response to the ad requesting bids for floor covering.

It was noted that town hall does not have a vacuum cleaner.

Council Member Glenn wanted to meet with the parks & recreation committee to discuss the area across from the Highway Barn. There is a historical marker there. He thought a park bench should be placed there. Supervisor Selmser stated one person has come forward and offered to pay for the bench. It would bring more attention to the site. The Supervisor noted the sign needs to be repainted. The sign is a state historic preservation marker. The contact name of Gavin Ragusa was given by the Highway Superintendent. It was stated that the wood chips should be moved. Council Member Kirch wanted to move forward with the bench. Council Member Long will contact the donor.

Joyce Barrett offered to donate some WD40 towards the squeaking board room chairs.

Youth – Supervisor Selmser stated the program is winding down. The final water testing report will be sent in tomorrow. The financial reports will be compiled so the school can reimburse the town. The clerk noted the UV system was serviced on the 16 of the month and on the 30th the alarm failed. Culligan was contacted and a serviceman came that day to replace it. The state inspected the program on the 31st.

Historian – No report

Supervisor’s Report

Supervisor Selmser had a discussion with NY Power Authority – they still have not given the town a legal document back that the attorney had asked for. He did get information on an energy audit service program if we want to do that. There is a “small fee” to look at town hall and the highway garage for any potential energy savings. The cost was $1,800.00 to do the inspection. Council Member Kirch though maybe the next board should make that decision. He stated it was pretty obvious to see what needs to be replaced. LED lights were mentioned. Dave Richards from the school initiated the program at town hall. Gathering more information was suggested. Supervisor Selmser stated there may be other choices out there. The supervisor will talk to Dave also.

The supervisor provided the board with financial reports for the past month. Account balances were reviewed. Cash in the general fund is still $291,000.00 up from last year. The highway department is down $91,000.00 from the same time last year.

Budget Process: The bookkeeper will be sending out budget request forms. The supervisor noted there is a time line for this to be done. He recommended scheduling meetings the last Wednesday in September and the first Wednesday in October. The clerk noted that by law department heads have until September 20th to submit budget requests to the budget director.

RESOLUTION #2019-082A to set budget meetings was offered by Council Member Kirch at the regular monthly meeting of the Caroga town Board held on August 14, 2019 at 7 pm at town hall.

WHEREAS, the board desires to start the 2020 budget process, now therefore be it

RESOLVED, that the Caroga Town Board does hereby move to set two budget meetings one on Wednesday September 25, 2019 and the other on Wednesday October 2, 2019 both at 7 pm.

Seconded by Council Member Glenn

Adopted by a vote of 5 Ayes: Selmser, Glenn, Manning, Long, Kirch

The town received reports from CT Male for the 2nd Quarter Post closure monitoring results along with their invoice for payment.

Supervisor Selmser gave the dates for the upcoming county budget committee work sessions. The ones he is attending will be held on the 20th and 21st at 9:30 am and 1 pm. There are other meetings on Monday and Thursday.

The supervisor noted Apollo Heating came to work on the boiler a week ago and ran into some problems. They have to order some other sensor units. They plan to be back this week or the week after.

The supervisor had a meeting with NYMIR Insurance – Bill VanGorder is the agent. He was invited to this evenings meeting but had another commitment. He will be here tentatively at the September meeting.

Old Business:

Custodian – the clerk received three letters of interest. One was a Caroga resident. A committee of Council Members Glenn & Kirch was set up to interview the candidates.

New Business:

RESOLUTION #2019-083 to approve the 2019- 2020 Snow Removal and Ice Control Contract with Fulton County was offered by Supervisor Selmser at the regular monthly meeting of the Caroga town Board held on August 14, 2019 at 7 pm at town hall.

WHEREAS, the county pays the Town of Caroga $5,000.00 per mile per the Snow and Ice Contract for CR #111 at 1.36 miles and CR#137 @ 3.79 miles for a total of $25,650.00, now therefore be it

RESOLVED, that Supervisor Selmser and the town board member shall sign this document to contract with Fulton County Highway Department the 2019-2020 County of Fulton Snow and Ice Contract totaling 5.15 miles.

Seconded by Council Member Long

Adopted by a vote of 5 Ayes: Selmser, Glenn, Manning, Long, Kirch

The highway Superintendent thought the board should take into consideration the raising fuel, and salt prices and ask for an increase in the contract. The supervisor noted the rate is proposed by the county. It is the same rate as last year and the last 6 – 8 years. It was asked if we lost money on this. The highway superintendent responded real close.

On Sept. 28th the Town hall parking lot will be used for overflow from a memorial hike to Kane Mt. request by Shane Manns and also there will be a VOLKSSPORT walk event that morning.

The clerk noted two requests to use the town hall building the first is Aug 24 by CLCA. The second is for a meet the candidate night for Hwy. Superintendent. The date is to be announced.


7/5 thanks for fun stuff going on in Caroga Ray & Lynn Stevens

7/8 Mohawk Valley Land Bank request for support via resolution

Workers compensation report 2nd Quarter

Planning & Zoning School 9/18 in Hyde Park by Ass. of Towns

Notice of Fulton/Montgomery chamber golf event

Thank you from Nathan Littauer Foundation for town’s donation to Adirondack Challenge

Thank you from Western Fulton Co. Seniors use of pavilion across the street

8/2 Sheriff Giardino authorizing the town to temporarily post stop signs

Caroga Transfer Station Closed Monday Sept. 2. Open Tues. Sept. 3rd

Thank you from Caroga Arts Collective for donation of greens fees

Local Government Innovation Conference Oct. 17 – 18th Albany

Fulton County Board of Elections Estimated charge back for 2020 - $4757.20

Nick Stoner Trailers Inc. land owner package

A motion was made by Council Member Kirch to accept the minutes of the July 10th, July 22, July 31 meetings. Council Member Glenn seconded the motion. All were in favor of the motion except Council Member Long who abstained.

Council Member Long made a motion to pay the bills as presented for audit. Council Member Kirch seconded the motion. All were in favor of the motion.

Council Member Glenn did question General abstract # 235 in the amount of $4275.00 submitted by Attorney Dunn & Dunn entitled referendum. Supervisor Selmser believed there was more than the referendum work on that bill. Council Member Long noted Morey Road was on there. The subject date and time is noted beside each entry on the bill. Other items list on the bill were review Abdella notice of claim, research for the GA Claim formulate defense, continue research on merger and restraints on alienation, to attend town board meeting, begin work on the Morey Rd., draft resolution for legal notice and referendum. Council Member Long noted this is a mixed bag.

At 7:46 pm Supervisor Selmser asked the board to consider going into an executive session to deal with legal matters and employee relation matters. Council Member Long made the motion. Council Member Manning seconded the motion. All board members were in favor of the motion.

At 7:55 pm Council Member Manning leaves the executive session and returns to the meeting room. At 7:50 pm Steve Putman Highway Superintendent leaves the executive session. Council Member Manning then enters the executive session again. At 8:11 pm all members of the public leave.

At 8:23 pm Council Member Long made a motion to exit the executive session. Council Member Glenn seconded the motion. All board members were in favor of the motion.

The clerk asked the board members to sign the snow and ice contract in triplicate.

The assessor asked the clerk to text her if the board made a resolution to reappoint her. Council Member Kirch stated the board said they were going to meet with her on her contract. Knowing this the assessor texted the following; “Really, OK I will see what they have to say I guess. I guess I will keep my options open with the other towns if they ask.” The clerk asked the board if she should respond back that it is the board’s intent for her to continue.

Council Member Long wanted to make a resolution that said we are grateful for the quality of her work and the diligence in which she has pursued everything and our hope is to have a long relationship.

Council Member Kirch stated you did not say you were reappointing her. Council Member Kirch then proposed the following resolution.

RESOLUTION #2019-084 to reappoint Vicky as our town assessor pending the development of her new contact was offered by Council Member Kirch at the regular monthly meeting of the Caroga town Board held on August 14, 2019 at 7 pm at town hall.

WHEREAS, the term of the Sole Assessor expires at the end of September, now therefore be it

RESOLVED, that the Caroga Town Board does hereby move to reappoint Vicky Hayner, Sole Assessor, as our town assessor pending the development of her new contact.

Seconded by Council Member Manning

Adopted by a vote of 5 Ayes; Selmser, Glenn, Manning, Long, Kirch

Supervisor Selmser stated there is a contact that was prepared to respond to the Balboaa lawsuit against the town. There is a response required by tomorrow. Council Member Long printed out several copies. The attorney’s response is to deny, deny, deny. He and Balboaa will hash it out and refine their claims as time goes on.

Council Member Long made a motion to request Supervisor Selmser to sign the document index # 07599 Verified Answer and Counter Claim and further request that his signature be notarized so he can take the document to the Fulton County Clerk at the crack of dawn.

RESOLUTION #2019-085 to have Supervisor Selmser sign the Verified Answer and Counter Claim was offered by Council Member Long at the regular monthly meeting of the Caroga Town Board held on August 14, 2019 at 7 pm at town hall.

WHEREAS, the Town was served by Balboaa Land Development Corporation on July 26, 2019, now therefore be it

RESOLVED, that the Caroga Town Board does hereby move to authorize Supervisor James Selmser to sign the response - index # 07599 and to have his signature notarized so the document can be filed in the Fulton County Clerk’s office tomorrow.

Seconded by Council Member Manning

Council Member Glenn reads from page 4 section 7 – despite the allegations set forth in Plaintiff's Verified Complaint, Plaintiff has failed to heretofore take legal action to enforce any condition subsequent, has not produced evidence that any claimed conditions subsequent were not merged into the Warranted Deed and has, contrary to its claim that the Town of Caroga is permanently restrained from alienating Sherman’s Amusement Park Property, approved its pending sale by the Town of Caroga to the Caroga Arts Collective, a Not-For Profit Corporation.” He thinks the last part of the sentence need to be corrected. He would like to reference rather than say the Town of Caroga is selling to any entities as per our resolution other than to the Caroga Arts Collective.

To clarify, Council Member Manning stated what Greg (Dunn) is doing in that paragraph is pointing out an inconsistency in George’s claim. George has not pointed out or sued the town for any breaches of contract to this point in time. Further he is pointing out that the town is in contract with the CAC at this point pending the referendum which George has supported because he was willing to waive the agreement he has with the town. So he is pointing that out. He is saying George you are being inconsistent. We are not saying in this that this is a binding thing with the CAC. He is just pointing out the facts about the contract with them at this time. He did not think it was an issue to have that (wording) in there. He was in favor of it being in there.

Council Member Kirch added to what Council Member Glenn was saying – I understand the point, I think the really strong point in the argument is that George is being inconsistent in applying the no sale clause in this donation agreement. It would be nice if we could remove CAC and reference the resolution that if we approve the pending sale. We all understand why it is in there and Jack you even understand why it is an important part of the argument. Council Member Kirch stated the frustration he and Council Member Glenn have in the lack of time they have to make any tweaks to this, because it can’t be done right now. The document has to be signed tonight and notarized. The board has only had 10 hours to look at the document. There has been no opportunity for adjustments. That being said Council Member Kirch now understands the board can make amendments to the document when we want to. There may be other things that come to light in the next week or two that we want to add. He is more OK with this.

Council Member Long stated Balboaa can amend and the town can amend both of which would be subject to a judge’s approval. Council Member Long stated “a judge’s approval for such things is generally automatic - it is not guaranteed.”

Supervisor Selmser noted it would have been nice if Attorney Dunn could have been here tonight. He is concerned the board did not have an opportunity to talk to him directly and vent these issues to him. He thought the board would have other opportunities in negotiation to make some of those decisions in the future.

Council Member Kirch made a final point the main point he is understanding now is that if we don’t approve this thing tonight George is going to win a 3 million dollar lawsuit against the town. Council Member Long stated that is correct. He very likely could. Council Member Glenn understood and is not happy about this process.

Council Member Kirch stated he shares Council Member Glenn’s concerns about what this may or may not do to any other options we have with Sherman’s. The way he reads it this has no bearing on any transaction relating to Sherman’s.

Council Member Long stated we are just denying his claim.

Council Member Manning stated the point Council Member Glenn is making is that George being consistent you are only allowing the sale to go through despite the fact that you are claiming to be against it. Therefore you should be in favor of all sales. That is the point he is effectively making. George is in violation of his own agreement.

Council Member Glenn asked why did we have to mention a specify third party.

Council Member Long stated it is an action by George if we didn’t… it is not our resolution it is his action. “Our resolution had nothing to do with this Jack.” He made a waiver that said – he offered to let us sell it to CAC. He signed a legal document to that effect. He signed it unilaterally.

Council Member Kirch stated – it is just another way of saying that paragraph we are concerned about in no way effects any transaction related to Sherman’s one way or the other. It is all about George and the action he’s taken.

Adopted by a roll call vote:

Council Member Manning – Aye

Council Member Long – Aye

Council Member Kirch - Aye

Supervisor Selmser - Aye

Council Member Glenn – Aye with the stipulation that the language can be removed from the document

At 8:40 pm Council Member Glenn made a motion to adjourn. Council Member Manning seconded the motion. All board members were in favor of the motion.

Respectfully Submitted,

Linda M. Gilbert, RMC, CMC

Caroga Town Clerk

General #’s 214 - 251 $18,494.72

Highway #’s 125 - 148 $18,889.62

General Park #’s 28 – 35 $ 1,586.26

Prepaid #’s 169 – 198 $25,174.43

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