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Town of Caroga

Minutes of a Caroga Town Board meeting held Wednesday January 13, 2021 at the municipal building located at 1840 State Highway #10 at 7:00 pm with the following persons in attendance by roll call. The flag salute followed.

Supervisor Scott Horton - Here

Council Member John Glenn – Here

Council Member James Long - Here

Council Member Richard Sturgess - Here

Council Member Donald Travis - Here

Supervisor Horton, Council Members Glenn, Sturgess, and Travis were in the meeting room Council Member Long accessed the meeting remotely. Tor Shekerjian – Confidential Secretary to the Supervisor facilitated the ZOOM meeting. There were 32 people on line using Zoom.

Supervisor Horton opened the meeting at 7 pm.

Supervisor Horton noted there have been some questions about the Parks, Lakes, Recreation, and Tourism Commission. He had hoped to have the Attorney Chris Langlois address the board on the difference on Commission and committee. The attorney has done some research from other towns in New York. The Supervisor stated he would review the information/resolutions from other towns when he gets back from vacation. There were some details like submitting a budget, and how to resolve disputes.

Public Comment the supervisor asked that comments be kept to 3 minutes. Council Member Long asked Tor to review the procedure for people to be recognized. Mr. Shekerjian stated people can use *9 from a phone, or chat him up from a computer. Mr. Livingston commented “same as it always was.” Council Member Long questioned how Mr. Livingston was signed into the meeting. What credentials was he using.

Public – Mr. Purcell stated the chat box was not available that is why he raised his hand. He noted the changes in the curbside recycling were in the newspaper. It will go till the end of January. He asked what kind of response the supervisor got from the question he asked at the January 6th meeting. To refresh our memory Mr. Purcell asked if residents could drop off recycling without a permit. The Supervisor thought the clerk answered that last week. The answer was in the affirmative.

Supervisor Horton went to the station and asked the attendant and he noted everybody was allowed to come. It will last as long as the county cannot pick up recyclables. The Supervisor was at a county meeting on Monday and this may be extended another two weeks.

Council Member Long did not see any chat option on the computer. If they are online without a camera they can’t waive their hands or chat. He asked that Tor enable that feature. He looked for a way to do that. Mr. Shekerjian may have used a repeated meeting feature and the chat feature was not still an option.

Council Member Long offered and noted the public could call him at 518 835 3734 and he will notify Tor that they wish to speak.

The floor was kept open a bit due to the technical difficulties.

Julia Butler – works with ZOOM almost every night. She would like the board to research a little bit better about chat rooms. She thought it is useful when there are so many people with different points of view and not everybody will have a chance to talk. Julia wondered if when the board receives letters, she wrote one regarding the golf course, what is done with them, are they entered into the public record?

Council Member Long wanted to respond to that question. Supervisor Horton stated the privilege of the floor is supposed to be people commenting to the board and the board does not normally respond. The Supervisor wanted to make an exception to this. The Supervisor was OK with Council Member Long responding to this. Council Member Long stated “any communication written to the town board and the town clerk is permanently part of the record and the records officer has to keep copies of that. He stated he is posting them on the website townofcaroga.com.”

Supervisor Horton believed the correspondence goes to the town clerk and that it would be part of the record. Correspondence to Council Member Long, the Supervisor stated, would not be shared. The Supervisor stated the correspondence goes to the town clerk but she does not disseminate it, therefore why was Council Member Long taking on the clerk’s responsibility. Council Member Long stated if it was addressed to the town clerk and the town board then he would make sure it was published. The clerk stated there really is no reason to do that. Supervisor Horton asked how do we control this. The supervisor asked that something be on the agenda next month about communications and the orderly keeping of the records. The Supervisor stated for centuries it has been the town clerk’s job. It is not anyone else’s job to post these things. Records can be FOIL’ed. No one is keeping anything from anybody. It is just a matter of having stuff going all over the place. It is a different world now and the Supervisor did not want Facebook or Google shutting the town down for something posted on the web. The Supervisor stated we have been dealing with this issue for a year now. We have tried different methods. There are constant complaints about being able to post whatever I (council Member Long) want. It does not seem orderly to the Supervisor. If we have to have a town resolution which we shouldn’t, to control it the board should discuss it. Council Member Long asked Supervisor Horton for clarification, “Are you saying that you don’t want public documents published.” The Supervisor responded, it depends upon what you mean by public document. The Supervisor stated that Council Member Long thinks that a public document is absolutely everything, and that everything should be posted. The Supervisor continued by saying Council Member Long thinks the public should have complete access to every single record at their fingertips and disposal. Council Member Long stated words were being put in his mouth. This was what the Supervisor was understanding him to say. Council Member Long clarified, if a document is subject to foil [sic, FOIL], it is public. “That is the way the law reads.” The clerk disagreed.

The Clerk stated FOIL means you go through a request/system. Documents are not automatically available to the public. The clerk noted certain information may have to be redacted from documents, like account numbers. The clerk further stated that if a document is to be entered into and become part of the record it is for the board to say it shall be entered into the record otherwise it is noted under correspondence.

Council Member Long stated if a document is released via FOIL or can be released via FOIL it can be published. Council Member Sturgess wanted this matter tabled. He commented that it looks like we will be spending a lot of money with attorneys this year. Supervisor Horton noted the town spent $44,000.00 last year.

Mr. Livingston interjects and Council Member Long asked that he be muted by Mr. Shekerjian.

Supervisor Horton uses the gavel. There is a motion to table this discussion. Council Member Glenn seconded the motion.

The privilege of the floor was closed at 7:17 pm.

Department Reports:

Assessors – no report. Supervisor Horton met with the Assessor and Code Officer on Friday. The meeting was extremely informative. He stated we are getting a lot of cooperation and information from the new sole assessor. She is working well with everybody. The Supervisor stated there was a lot of work for her to do. She is working on the 2020, 2019, 2018 & 2017 permits and will do so until they are caught up. There are several years of building permits that were not properly filed with the assessor. The Supervisor has learned more in the last month than he learned with the previous ten months. Council Member Travis noted that next week Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday the assessor will be going out in the field doing survey work. She will be driving a white truck and taking measurements and pictures.

BTI –finished for the season.

Clerk/Tax Collector/Registrar/RMO – The clerk submitted a monthly report to the board.

The Clerk’s 2020 books were presented for audit to the board this evening. The clerk submitted information to the board on setting a fee for replacing a transfer station permit.

The company that conducts the drug and alcohol testing for the town has raised their prices this year.

The clerk still needs the bookkeeper to look into her retirement record of activity. This has been since May. The clerk would like this finalized and a resolution made as was done with the Judge.

As of 1/9/2021 Tax Collector totaled $126,843.39. Since that time two checks have been issued to the town Supervisor which totaled $400,000.00.

The Planning and Zoning files have been reviewed and documents downloaded. It took 8 man hours to complete the files for 2020. The town clerk had to go to a web page and find the minutes and other documents associated with the cases for 2020. Council Member Long noted the minutes are in an html format. They can be printed, all of the ZBA & Planning information is accessible from one link. He noted that all of the originals of the application materials were given to the clerk. Council Member Long stated we are only talking about printing some minutes and decision notices. The clerk noted also the neighbors. Supervisor Horton asked if there was a problem with him (as the secretary to both boards) providing that to the town clerk.

Council Member Long said he would do that. The Supervisor stated there have been conversations about the clerk being the official record keeper in town.

(Mr. Livingston interjected and interrupted the proceedings again) Supervisor Horton asked him to stay orderly.

Code Enforcement & Sanitation –the Code Enforcement Officer asked the board to review the permit fee schedule. Sometime this might be put down on the agenda. The Supervisor wanted more information in writing. A new drop box was installed at the north end of the town hall building, for permits. There was a common drop box at the south end and then it was realized that the box would be used for tax collection and no one else to could have access during tax time.

Dog Control – The Supervisor noted there were 23 delinquent dog renewals.

Golf Course – Gene Centi /Councilman Sturgess Supervisor Horton noted the first meeting with the architect will be on Friday the 22nd at 10:30 am. He will take information from the town. He will begin to develop a preliminary idea. That will then be presented to the board and the public. Council Member Sturgess stated they are working to figure out what was lost in the fire. They are working on T signs, flags, ball markers, ball washers. These things all have to be replaced by April 1st. There is a large amount of items lost.

Mr. Centi noted there are work orders in. Grassland supplied a list of equipment that we had or may know we need. The committee members were given this information. He also spoke to a representative about soft goods/merchandise. A starter order will be put in.

The Supervisor asked about the intake pipe. Someone from the irrigation company will meet with Council Member Travis on Friday at 10 am at the pump house. They will review the flange and pipe length. It is a custom fabricated piece but without it the irrigation system will not work.

The Supervisor noted to the public that this project has a lot of moving parts to it. He thanked Council Members Sturgess, and Travis and Mr. Centi. A list of hand tools destroyed by the fire is being created. The mowers are in the firehouse building the town is renting.

Highway – Voght / Shekerjian – Supervisor Horton noted the town was reimbursed $10,498 in FEMA Funds for the October 19th 2019 storm. Tor Shekerjian was thanked for his lead in this project along with Larry Voght’s attention to this too.

Lakes Management Program – Glenn / Harazin / Centi/ Olm Council Member Glenn apologized and reported that he had an email from Marcus Harazin who noted that John Olm was not listed on the reorganizational resolution as being the coordinator of the Lake Steward Program.

RESOLUTION #2021-011 to name John Olm as the Lake Steward program Coordinator was offered by Council Member Glenn at the regular monthly meeting of the Caroga Town Board held on Wednesday January 13, 2021 at 7 pm at town hall.

WHEREAS, the town Board held its reorganizational meeting on January 6, 2021, and

WHEREAS, the Lake Steward Program Coordinator was not included in the resolution, now therefore be it

RESOLVED, that John Olm of Canada Lake is hereby named Lake Steward Program Coordinator with an annual salary of $2,000.00.

Seconded by Council Member Long

Adopted by a roll call vote as follows:

Supervisor Scott Horton - Aye

Council Member John Glenn - Yes

Council Member James Long - Yes

Council Member Richard Sturgess - Yes

Council Member Donald Travis - Yes

Town Hall Building and the NLH Mini Clinic, Phone, Town Hall, entrance, roof leak repaired, vent pipe leak, and water testing – Council Member Travis stated the clinic is moving along. It will be another month before it is done. Someone will come up next week to evaluate the building and what needs to be done to set up the new phone system. The entrance is all fixed. Correll roofing came up to evaluate vent pipe leak. Pictures were taken the ring on the fan is starting to rot. The unit needs to be rebuilt. The bearing is bad and the belt needs to be replaced. It has not been in working order for 3 – 4 years. The regular water testing was done and it was submitted to Jeff Peck for the mini clinic. Culligan also came and took a sample but it was cloudy. A retest was conducted we have not heard the results of that test.

Youth Is a shared program with the Wheelerville School. They had a meeting but did not come to a resolution. So the status is uncertain. Mr. Centi received communication from Suzanne Hamalack and Bruce Snyder members of the school board. There will be some budget workshops in the near future. Mr. Centi also noted he is communicating with the State Department of Health.

Historian – Nilsen No Report

Wheelerville Bike Trail – Manning Supervisor Horton spoke to Jeremy Manning this afternoon. Ann Boles from the Fulton Montgomery Chamber of Commerce contacted the Supervisor and Jeremy. She walked the bike trail and took pictures of one of the erratic’s [sic, erratics] laden with icicles. It was gorgeous. She will be doing an article on the Wheelerville Bike Trail. She spoke to Scott Henze about doing some mapping. Jeremy will be working on that with her. She will be creating a regional bike trail map that includes the Peck Lake area as well. He is glad to see the Chamber of Commerce thinks that this is a program that will cause a lot of interest. The county may help to expand the town bike trail system, but he has not heard that directly.

PLRT Commission – Mr. Centi stated the next event is on February 21st – the Out House Races. Registration forms are on available on the PLRT Facebook page and the Town of Caroga Website and at town hall and the town Facebook page, at Campers Corner, and the post office.

There are two new appointees on the commission, Amanda French and Barbara Deluca [sic, DeLuca]. There will be a calendar of the proposed 2021 events on line this coming week. The snowshoe/cross country trail on the golf course is open. It is marked. Maps will be there. He wants to get one of those realtor type containers to place there. The map will be online, at Campers Corner and at Town hall.

Sewer Study – Council Member Glenn learned from Supervisor Horton who spoke to Scott Henze at County Planning that there is new money available for sewer systems. Council member Glenn stated he will be working aggressively after the Supervisor comes back from vacation. There may be another source of money that the Code Officer discovered. One of the deadlines to submit an application to is February 12th. The good news is we have the information they need because the town did a sewer study.

Green Lake Road parking – Council Member Long asked that the Supervisor who is the point of contact with Chris Langlois the Attorney come up with legal language to make Green Lake Road no parking. Council Member Sturgess asked Council Member Long had made any progress with DEC with making the parking lot bigger. Nothing new there was his response.

Supervisor Horton asked if this was something the board would want done. It is a real problem. Council Member Travis stated someone is going to get hurt up there and the fireman are not going to be able to get to them. This would have to be a local law. That is Council Member Long’s request. The Supervisor asked what DEC was doing on this. Are we in a waiting pattern? Should phone calls be made on this? Council member Long stated they can’t do it unilaterally. DEC has to work with the Adirondack Park Agency. They are aware of the town’s desire. It could take a year or a year and a half. There is nothing we can do to speed this up. It may be because of COVID-19. They will notify the town. The town has offered to provide labor as soon as there is a go ahead to do this they will contact the town. Council Member Long stated they are planning to amend the Unit Management Plan. The last Unit Management Plan (UMP) did call for expansion of the Kane Mountain parking area. They did expand it per the UMP but it has to be amended again and they are in the process of doing that again. Council Member Glenn asked if Assemblyman Smullen could help with this.

Mr. Livingston again interjects. Council Member Long reiterated that all should be muted in the ZOOM meeting and then selective unmuting to have people participate, this would prevent him from making comments. Supervisor Horton used the gavel, and asked that everyone be muted.

Supervisor’s Report:

He already discussed his joint meeting with Codes and the Assessor.

The Street Light Project will get moving again. National Grid stopped doing everything for a month during the holidays. Tor Shekerjian is working on this. They promised to get back to us. Council Member Sturgess heard that COVID has really hurt National Grid right now. We need them to sell the town the light fixtures. Until then we are at a standstill. The Supervisor wanted to bring some ideas to the public about fixtures in the town center. Next we have to go for contract of bids so the public knows what it is going to cost for this program. We have $120,000.00 budget. It may cost $90,000.00 and then we can decide about decorative fixtures, and other capabilities like cameras, and Wi-Fi and other different things. We have a budget to work within. He wants real costs for the board and the public. We have to know the cost to take down and to reinstall the fixtures.

Old Business:

Franchise Agreement with Time Warner - No new information.

Supervisor Horton did speak to Brian Macintosh about the onsite and offsite storage. The backups including the cloud backup should be ready by the end of February. This will meet the cyber requirements for NYMIR. The installations have worked well. The training will still need to be done. ©J.Long

The clerks understanding was that weekly backups were being done. The Supervisor confirmed this. If the clerk/collector were to lose the tax data right now it would take days and weeks to reconstruct the records. The Supervisor asked if she wanted increased backup right now. The Clerk/Collector would appreciate that happening. Council Member Long strongly recommends and supports that.

New Business:

Supervisor Horton announced that the steering committee for the Nick Stoner Club house is searching for a grounds keeper, club house manager and summer help for the Nick Stoner Club house. Council Member Long stated the steering committee is following the open meetings law in this case he asked why he nor the public was not notified of the meeting nor did he receive any minutes of the committee. He added that under COVID-19 executive order 202.12 & 202.15 that the transcription is also required in addition to minutes. He has not seen any of that. Supervisor Horton stated as you know two of the members are not physically here. There has not been a ZOOM meeting but he has been doing shuttle diplomacy between different members. The Supervisor guessed that technically that does not count as a meeting. He did not want it interpreted as trying to do an end run on this thing. He will try when he gets back from vacation to have a formal meeting so everyone is up to speed. Things have been moving fast and he has been the point person. Things need to keep moving. It was duly noted. Council Member Sturgess suggested having a ZOOM meeting one hour before the regular monthly meeting. The other board members could be in attendance and listen in. The clerk noted once a meeting is called and posted for all to see then the committee could invite the board members to participate if they wanted them to. Supervisor Horton stated basically what they have been trying to figure out what is lost. There will be a timeline soon. Everything has to be in place by April 1st.

Council Member Glenn wanted to discuss this item on the agenda but was skipped over - Hire a project manager to manage the rebuilding of the Nick Stoner Club House. Supervisor Horton stated this will be part of the meeting they have, but sooner rather than later they will have to hire a manager for this project. He expects this to be a two million dollar project. We have not received the final number from the insurance company for the club house itself. We have to recoup equipment and tools. The carts are ordered but there is a lot more to do. More daily contact is needed with the insurance company. He is bird dogging these people. Council Member Glenn suggested Tor Shekerjian to take over these duties. The Supervisor stated he is capable on the administrative side. He did not want to be the clerk of the works. Council Member Sturgess noted there will be support from the Architect to handle some of this. We have to figure out the description of what it is we are looking for. He noted we don’t even know where a temporary pro shop can go yet. That project includes lights, plumbing, AC, a temp septic or holding tank. These things are all needed for an April 1st open is what he is struggling with. Every single question needs a call to the insurance company to make sure that they are covering this. There is a lot of back and forth with the insurance company. It takes hours and hours to iron out minute details.

Supervisor Horton is taking some time to go to Florida to meet with three people while he is there. They are from Amsterdam Muni Golf course. They were involved in the course when they had a fire. NYMIR was their insurance carrier. He will try to get some information and insight on how they worked their situation out. Right now the town is working through the insurance company adjuster. He is very good, he calls and he is there but it stops with a phone call and the answer does not come back down the line. This requires twice a day calls. The town can’t wait two weeks for an answer on simple things. This has to be moved along a little faster. The Supervisor stated his whole life has been centered around project management, on big construction projects. There is always a project manager. The Supervisor stated he has bids now that have not been turned into the insurance company. There was a delay in getting the Architect on board as it was subject to the insurance company saying they would pay for that. That was a two week delay. Council Member Long asked if the project manager would be reimbursable by insurance. The supervisor responded it should be wholly reimbursable.

The clerk gave the Supervisor a note with two names she thought should be contacted for the project manager job. (The note was shared with the other board members. The clerk called Council Member Long after the meeting to share her thoughts.) The Supervisor stated these were good ideas from the town clerk.

Correspondence is here the Supervisor stated.

Fulton County Resolution #434 keeps Electronic Recycling at the local Transfer Stations

Fulton County Workers Compensation Invoice, $15,139.93.

JJ Kane Auctioneers NY Auction Schedule (email).

Nick Stoner Trailers insurance certificate.

Notice that the transfer station will be closed on Martin Luther King Day. Open Tuesday 1/19/21 8AM -12PM.

Association of Towns Annual Meeting & Training School notice.

RESOLUTION 2021-012To transfer funds from contingency to planning was offered by Supervisor Horton at the regular monthly meeting of the Caroga Town Board held on Wednesday January 13, 2021 at 7 pm at town hall.

WHEREAS, Supervisor Horton announced that a transfer was necessary to pay for the Fulton County Planning services for the year 2021,

WHEREAS, the Planning Department will help the town with getting funds for the Sewer System, getting maps, as well as working with the town in other areas, now therefore be it

RESOLVED, that the following transfer be made:

FROM: A 1990.4 Contingency $500.00

TO: A 8020.0 Contractual Services $500.00

Seconded by Council Member Long

Adopted by a roll call vote as follows:

Council Member John Glenn - Yes

Council Member James Long - Yes

Council Member Richard Sturgess - Yes

Council Member Donald Travis - Yes

Supervisor Scott Horton - Yes

Resolution 2021-013 – To approve the agreement with the Fulton County Planning Department for Planning Services for the year 2021 for $1,500.00 was offered by Supervisor Horton at the regular monthly meeting of the Caroga Town Board held on Wednesday January 13, 2021 at 7 pm at town hall.

WHEREAS, The Caroga Town Board desires to contract with Fulton County Planning Department for Planning Services for the year 2021, and

WHEREAS, the town shall pay the County $1,500.00 for these services, now therefore be it

RESOLVED, that the Caroga Town Board does hereby move to authorize the Supervisor to sign the agreement with the Fulton County Planning Department for Planning Services for the year 2021 and to pay the County $1,500.00 per the contract.

Seconded by Council Member Long

Discussion: The Supervisor noted there was a typo in the contract whereby the agreement has to be signed by the town attorney. The document listed Dunn & Dunn this will be corrected and sent to Girvin and Ferlazzo one this is approved.

Adopted by a roll call vote as follows:

Council Member James Long - Aye

Council Member Richard Sturgess - Yes

Council Member Donald Travis - Yes

Supervisor Scott Horton - Aye

Council Member John Glenn - Yes

Resolution 2021-014 To create a fee of $2.00 to replace a lost or damaged transfer sticker was offered by Supervisor Horton at the regular monthly meeting of the Caroga Town Board held on Wednesday January 13, 2021 at 7 pm at town hall.

WHEREAS, the clerk noted the need to track and also the cost of transfer stickers in her monthly report to the board, and

WHEREAS, the clerk suggested setting a fee to replace a lost or damaged transfer sticker, now therefore be it

RESOLVED, that the Caroga Town board does hereby move to set and create a fee of $2.00 to replace a transfer sticker in the town of Caroga once it has been issued.

Seconded by Council Member Glenn

Adopted by a roll call vote as follows:

Council Member Richard Sturgess - Yes

Council Member Donald Travis - Yes

Supervisor Scott Horton - Aye

Council Member John Glenn - Yes

Council Member James Long - Aye

Supervisor Horton stated a need to go out to bid for equipment even though the insurance company is going to be paying for it.

A motion was made – to solicit bids for tools and equipment lost in the Nick Stoner Club House fire was offered by Supervisor Horton at the regular monthly meeting of the Caroga Town Board held on Wednesday January 13, 2021 at 7 pm at town hall.

Council Member Long seconded the motion

Discussion: Council Member Sturgess asked if tools and equipment were covered under the procurement policy of the golf course. To we need to solicit a bid for a forty dollar rake? Supervisor Horton noted the committee hasn’t had a meeting yet but they have to start getting tools. Collectively the town can’t purchase over a certain amount of dollars. The town can’t get around that by purchasing $1,000.00 now and $2,000.00 more worth of tools later. The next thing you know you have spent over $10,000.00. He needs board approval to get bids first. He will bring the bids back to the town board.

The clerk asked if he was getting quotes. The Supervisor replied bids. The clerk stated that there wasn’t a complete list of items to be purchased. Council Member Travis confirmed her statement. “How can we ask someone to put out a bid if we don’t know what we want?” The resolution was to get that and then it would be approved until the council member brought the list. This was for the tools and equipment lost in the Nick Stoner Club house fire. This will be ongoing for the rest of the year the supervisor noted but at least this authorizes us to do that. The clerk asked for more details.

Council Member Long noted if you have an aggregate purchase that is over the limit you can’t break it into pieces. That would be in violation of the procurement policy. Council Member Sturgess asked if we forget a steel rake that cost $25.00 do we have to go out to bid to three vendors? Council Member Glenn stated we will make the resolution to procure this purchase which will be ongoing. Council Member Sturgess wondered if each time there was a purchase would three quotes have to come to the board. Supervisor Horton stated this puts the public on notice that we are anticipating spending more than $5,000.00 in aggregate over this year to buy tools and equipment to replace. He thought there would be one large amount of money at one time for chain saws. Council Member Travis is developing a list. Council Member Sturgess got three books in the mail today on this. Supervisor Horton stated when you get your list together then they are going to say I want a bid on this…. From this company. He suggested Snap On Tools, or Mack Tools. Ace Hardware doesn’t do this. The clerk stated that is a quote. Council Member Sturgess agreed. The clerk stated right now today and say you are getting bids. The board cannot say today that we have to have 4 push mowers, 2 chain saws, 4 shovels, 4 of another type of shovel. You do not have a completed list. You don’t have something to hand to someone to say here give be a bid. Until we have that you can get quote. The Supervisor was expecting that a whole list will be put together and go to three vendors or more, the clerk stated that this board has not reviewed a list yet. The board has not all agreed on what they are purchasing. The Supervisor stated she was right. So how can you go out to bid the clerk asked. The clerk stated what if one council member wants 4 shovels and another wants 3. You need to have a list first – I think. Supervisor Horton stated which we are developing. It is not a resolution if we go out for quotes. This resolution was tabled. Council Member Glenn wanted to review the inventory. Council Member Sturgess asked the clerk for a copy of the inventory created by Mr. Jennings.

Council Member Long made a motion to table this resolution. Council Member Sturgess seconded the motion. All board members were in favor of the motion.

Council Member Long noted that both account numbers were the same for the budget amendment for the Humane Society.

Resolution 2021-015 – To amend the budget for the James a Brennen Humane Society Contract was offered by Supervisor Horton at the regular monthly meeting of the Caroga Town Board held on Wednesday January 13, 2021 at 7 pm at town hall.

WHEREAS, the Supervisor has identified a need to make a budget amendment to cover the cost for the James A Brennan Humane Society Contract for the year 2021, now therefore be it

RESOLVED, that the following amendment to the budget be made for the James a Brennen Humane Society Contract fees for the year 2021 as follows:

FROM: A 3510.4 Dog Control C/E $50.00

TO: A3520.4 Dog Control C/E $50.00

Seconded by Council Member Glenn

Adopted by a roll call vote as follows:

Council Member Donald Travis - Yes

Supervisor Scott Horton - Yes

Council Member John Glenn - Yes

Council Member James Long – Aye – He gave kudos to Doug Purcell for pointing that out.

Council Member Richard Sturgess - Yes

Council Member Long noted he had not seen the minutes of the 12/30/2020 and 1/6/2021 meeting marked final yet. The approval of the minutes was tabled until all board members receive them marked final.

Resolution 2021-016 Approval to pay the bills as presented for audit was offered by Supervisor Horton and seconded by Council Member Glenn.

Adopted by a roll call vote as follows:

Supervisor Scott Horton - Aye

Council Member John Glenn - Yes

Council Member James Long - Abstained

Council Member Richard Sturgess - Yes

Council Member Donald Travis – Yes

Council Member Sturgess suggested setting up a meeting of the steering committee. Council Member Long suggested since we are using ZOOM that the current meeting ID and Passcode that is used for town board meetings for all other meetings. He stated the Planning, Zoning and BAR all use the same meeting ID for everything since last March. The Supervisor agreed that the same meeting ID and passcode should be used. Council Member Sturgess set a meeting of the steering Committee will take place on the 10th of February at 6 pm via ZOOM.

Council Member Travis and Anthony Fancher Code Officer worked on trying to find COVID vaccines for the Highway department and workers at town hall. They found that St. Mary’s Hospital was taking names on a list. Twenty town employees are on the list and the town will be called. Council Member Long asked who was eligible. Most everybody was his response. The vaccine will be Moderna Dr. (Council Member) Glenn stated.

At 8:24 pm Council Member Glenn made a motion to adjourn, Council Member Sturgess seconded the motion, all board members were in favor of the motion.

Council Member Glenn as Deputy Supervisor will be available if needed. He noted the public could contact the Town Clerk if they need to reach him.

The Town Justice and Clerk’s books will be examined on January 25th at 5 pm by two members of the board.

Respectfully Submitted,

Linda M. Gilbert RMC, CMC

General #’s 1 – 18 $11,813.26 Highway #1- 404.20

Prepaid #’s 1 – 20 $22,456.04 General Park #1 $21,165.07

Copyright © James McMartin Long 2017–2021