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Agenda of the July 11, 2018 Regular Caroga Town Board Meeting

Town Board meetings are for the board to discuss issues and make decisions. The board strives to complete the meetings in 60-90 minutes. The meetings are public and the board has chosen to allow public comments. Resident comments are limited to 3 minutes. All comments are to be respectful and civil. Anyone who shouts or uses profanity will be expelled. Residents with personal issues or related to their property should work with the appropriate department head first. If the department head doesn’t resolve the issue, it should be taken to the town supervisor. Only after those two steps should the issue be raised in a board meeting if needed. The board appreciates your support in keeping meetings timely, civil and productive. Thank you.

7:00 p.m. call the meeting to order - Roll Call Flag salute

Accept the minutes of the 6/20 meeting & 6/7 Work Session

Open Public Hearing on Two Unsafe Buildings

Public Speaking -

Department Reports:

Assessor’s Report –


Clerk/Registrar – monthly Town clerk Report, Tax Collection books presented for Audit in April

Code Enforcement & Sanitation –

Blight -

Dog Control –

Golf Course –

Highway –

Lake Steward Program -

Town Hall Building –Lakes Management Program

Youth -

Supervisor’s Report

Roof at Town Hall

APA SEQR ( make a formal negative declaration)

NYMIR Inspection recommended Notification of defects Local Law

Review Resolution 2018-069

Old Business:

Hawk Drilling

Second Round of Bidding Dave Matteo – parcel Bid

No Parking Signs for Sherman’s

New Business:

Chamber has limited # of Caroga Hiking Maps

NYS DOT to use Meeting Room 8/13/18 9:30 – 12:30 Training on Invasive Species

Request to hold Bridge in the meeting room on Thursday afternoons

Waiver for Golf Course (Jack)

Town Wide Garage Sale Saturday 7/28 Contact the Clerk’s office to be put on the map by Noon on 7/25


Fulton Co. Workers Comp. 2nd Quarter Assessment

Margaret & Tom Poellot re: 2328 Route 10 unsafe building

E-Mail NYMIR offers Health and Safety Courses

Charter Communications change in programming notice


Pay the bills as presented for audit

Caroga Business Spotlight

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