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Z2021-09 Code Letter

From: Jennifer Blowers
Sent: Monday, November 29, 2021 3:15 PM
To: Doug Purcell
Subject: Zoning


I met with Mr. Burton today, and we went to his property.

He located stakes that were placed in the ground many years ago. Orange cones are on the top of them.

These are the things he has stated about hardship:

His Father planted the Pine Trees on the west side of his property so that water did not run through where their clearing was.

The back of his property is not level.

He does not have the money to clear land; estimate attached.

He does not have money for a survey.

He said he just wants to replace what he had growing up and was told he could.

Where his previous trailer sat, all set backs were met. Where his hunting cabin would be placed, all setbacks would be met.

Jennifer DeRocker-Blowers

Town of Caroga

Code Enforcement

518-835-4211 ext.104

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