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Z2022-06 Fiedler Area Variance

Notice of Public Hearing
Please take notice that a regular meeting of the Zoning Board of Appeals of the Town of Caroga will be held on Wednesday, October 19th, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. at Town Hall located at 1840, State Highway 10, Caroga Lake NY, 12032, Fulton County, NY; to hear all interested parties and citizens regarding the purpose of following application(s):

Z2022-06, Owner: Alan Fiedler, 1542 Hillcrest Rd, Santa Barbara, CA 93103 Of the property located at: Point Breeze Road, Caroga Lake NY 12032 and identified as parcel SBL# 52.14-2- 14.1 in Caroga LF1 Zoning District and APA Low Intensity land use area classification for a variance to the Town of Caroga Zoning Ordinance which is in violation of Article 4 Section IV; Accessory Structures. A garage is considered an accessory structure and there is no principal structure on the property. By definition an accessory structure cannot be considered a principal structure. The owner proposes to demolish an existing 10x20 garage and erect a new 20x24 garage. Anyone wishing to view the application may do so during normal business hours at the Town Clerk’s office located in the Municipal Building at 1840 State Highway 10, Caroga Lake, NY 12032. Anyone wishing to comment may do so either personally, at the public hearing or by attorney or other representative.

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