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Town of Caroga History

On April 11, 1842 Caroga was founded as a town in the Adirondack foothills of northern Fulton County, New York. Water covers nearly 7 percent of the town’s 54-square-mile area. As the namesake of the local Caroga Creek, where sparkling water flows south from 1450 feet above sea level at East Caroga Lake through Rockwood Lake into the Mohawk River down the Hudson and into the Atlantic Ocean at New York Harbor, the Town of Caroga’s image reflects its refreshing rippling waters and its rugged rocky terrain. To its people, Caroga offers the comforts of home and nature. For well over a century, the location—just inside the southern boundary of the Adirondack Park—also has drawn many visitors from the Mohawk Valley, Capital District, and beyond. Future planning has long featured the town’s rich history and heritage, grounded in its timeless natural beauty and year-round recreational opportunities.



Early History

Recent History

Barbara McMartin’s
Caroga: An Adirondack Town Recalls Its Past

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