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Town of Caroga Voucher Forms

Town employees, ZBA members, Planning Board members, etc., can receive reimbursement for town board authorized travel and training expenses. To receive reimbursement, you must fill out a Voucher form using one of these two methods:

Either way, you must sign the completed voucher form.

The spreadsheet file is compatible with Microsoft Excel, LibreOffice Calc (Wikipedia), or OpenOffice Calc (Wikipedia). These latter two are free and open source software that provide most of the functions of Microsoft Office without the cost.

The blank spreadsheet form is here. If you enter the quantity (miles, for example) in the “Quantity” column and the unit price ($0.58, for the 2019 reimbursement per mile for example) in the “Unit Price” column, the spreadsheet will compute line total dollars and form total dollars for you. A sample completed and printed voucher form is here (pdf).

A blank printable form (not a spreadsheet) is available here (pdf). Blank voucher forms are also available at the Town Clerk’s Office.

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