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Caroga News Flash

From the Town Board

Highlights of the November 14th, 2018 Town Board Meeting

To enhance communications with residents, the Town Board will distribute this newsletter with the “headlines” from the board meetings. Detailed meeting minutes will be posted on the Town website. This was a regularly scheduled Town Board monthly meeting.

Resolutions/Local Laws Passed:

  1. Fire Department – Scheduled a public hearing for Wednesday November 28th at 7PM at Town Hall for the new Caroga Lake Volunteer Fire Department 5 year contract.

  2. Tax Collector Books – Corrected resolution 2018-098 to accept the books for 2018.

  3. Unsafe Structure – Authorized the posting of a request for bids to complete asbestos abatement work at 2328 State HWY 10 prior to demolition of the structure.

  4. Building Permits – Approved the 2019 Code Office permit fees that remain unchanged except for a new category of free permits for small projects – replacement windows, doors, siding, etc.

  5. Road Work – Approved the replacement of a long culvert pipe at 220 South Shore Rd on East Caroga after the Highway Superintendent received the home owner’s written permission.

  6. Lake Management Program – Approved the formalization of a Lake Management Committee/Program at no cost that it will help the town get related grant money from the State.

  7. Lake Weed Director – Approved a remaining payment of $1,100 for requested compensation ($2,000 total) to the Weed Director for the 2018 season.

  8. Zoning Ordinance – Approved the formal update to the Town’s Zoning Ordinance.

  9. Assessment Review Board – Re-appointed Cathy Ann Wallace to a new term.

  10. Human Society – Approved the 2019 contract at the same rate as 2018 - $2,100.

  11. Christmas Tree – Approved a lighted tree at the Sherman’s info booth for the month of December.

  12. Sherman’s – Approved the combination of the four Sherman’s property parcels into one.

  13. Landfill Contract – Approved the 2019 Land Fill Use contract with the county.

  14. Transfer Station – Approved the 2019 Transfer Station Utilization Agreement with the county.

  15. Asbestos Testing – Approved $1,944.63 payment to CT Male for land fill ground water testing.

  16. Sherman’s Usage – Approved a wedding in August 2019 with a usage fee of $500.

  17. Sherman’s Usage – Approved a Car Show on July 28th 2019 as a charity fundraiser for St. Jude’s Hospital with no usage fee.

  18. 2019 Town Budget – Approved the 2019 budget with a 1.639% overall increase from 2018.

  19. Morey Road – Approved Dunn & Dunn law firm to complete property acquisition legal work.

The following items were also discussed:

Upcoming Meetings:

Issue #16 - 2018

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