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Caroga News Flash

From the Town Board

Highlights of the January 9th, 2019 Town Board Meeting

To enhance communications with residents, the Town Board will distribute this newsletter with the “headlines” from the board meetings. Detailed meeting minutes will be posted on the Town this website (TownOfCaroga.com) on the website’s Minutes page.

This was an annual re-organizational meeting combined with a regular monthly meeting for the Town Board. The meeting lasted approximately one hour and forty five minutes.

Resolutions/Local Laws Passed:

  1. Organizational Business – Stated various operational items - Town bank (NBT), board meeting schedule, spending authorizations, town holidays, etc., for 2019.

  2. Elected Officials and Positions – Confirmed all elected town officials for 2019.

  3. Appointed Positions – Named Town appointed positions for 2019.

  4. Salaries & Hourly Rates – Confirmed pay rates for town positions in 2019.

  5. Planning Board – Mike Voght re-appointed to a 7 year term starting January 1, 2019.

  6. Town Website – The Town website is now TownOfCaroga.com. Deputy Supervisor Long will act as the webmaster at no cost to the Town.

  7. Town Attorney – Re-appointed attorneys Dunn & Dunn from Canajoharie for 2019.

  8. Procurement Policy – Accepted the 2018 policy without changes for 2019.

  9. Health Benefits – Amended a prior resolution to extend the $2,500 payment in lieu of health care benefits coverage to all Town employees eligible for health care benefits.

  10. LED Light Initiative – Authorized the Supervisor to sign the LED contract with the NY Power Authority to replace all street lights with LED's to reduce electric costs.

  11. Sewer District – Authorized submission of a NYS CFA grant application to request $30,000 and indicating $6,000 (20%) in local matching funds for an engineering study.

  12. Sherman’s – Approved CAC property use for 5 days in 2019 and $2,500 usage fee.

  13. Planning Board Training – Approved John Byrnes, Lynne Delesky and Mike Voght to attend a seminar for planning board members in Saratoga on February 6, 2019.

Upcoming Meetings:


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