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Caroga News Flash

From the Town Board

Highlights of the July 22th, 2019 Town Board Meeting

To enhance communications with residents, the Town Board will distribute this newsletter with the “headlines” from the board meetings. Detailed meeting minutes will be posted on the Town website (TownOfCaroga.com).

This was a special Town Board meeting primarily focused on preparations for the August 20th referendum on the sale of Sherman’s. The meeting lasted less than an hour.

Resolutions/Local Laws Passed:

  1. Referendum on Sherman’s – Approved the actual referendum wording for the ballot and information to indicate the location and time of the August 20th referendum.

  2. Plow Truck Financing – Approved 3 year financing of $110,000 (of the total cost of $162,122) for the new snow plow truck purchase through NBT Bank at 2.7% interest. Delivery of the new truck is expected in August.

  3. Town Custodian – Approved revised text for a newspaper ad to solicit candidates for the Town Custodian & Grounds Keeper position with pay of $13.25 per hour. The Board approved 5 days of advertising and a response deadline of August 7th.

  4. Town Hall – Approved amendments to the resolution passed at the July 10th meeting for advertising a bid process for the removal of the carpet (to remove mold/mildew) and solicit bids on replacing the surface under the carpet if needed.

  5. Referendum on Sherman’s – Approved a change to the referendum resolution to clarify that the Caroga Town Clerk is organizing and overseeing the referendum since the Board of Elections does not conduct special town referendums.

Other Topics Discussed:

Upcoming Meetings:

Issue #11 - 2019

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