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Caroga News Flash

From the Town Board

Highlights of the December 21th 2019 Town Board Meeting

To enhance communications with residents, the Town Board will distribute this newsletter with the “headlines” from the board meetings. Detailed meeting minutes will be posted on the Town website (TownOfCaroga.com).

This was a special Town Board meeting and it lasted approximately 25 minutes. The primary purpose of the meeting was to take an action on the Morey Road legal case.

Resolutions/Local Laws Passed:

  1. Morey Road Case – Authorized the Town Supervisor to issue the checks ($5,000 in total combined cost) to the property owners in the Morey Road legal case. The checks are the final step for the Town to acquire the properties using the eminent domain process and allow the land to be used by the public for access to the New York State land at the end of the road. This access is especially important to snowmobilers who have limited options to connect to the snowmobile trail system. Once all the checks have been cashed, the Town will own the land and public access will be available. See below for more information.

  2. Account Transfers – Approved account transfers totaling $14,800 to cover the checks for the Morey Road case, the cost of the updated property appraisals required by law to determine the amounts for those checks and other potential unrelated expenses.

  3. Board of Assessment Review – Appointed Dan MacIvor to the Board of Assessment Review to fill a partial term vacancy created by the recent resignation of a Board member. The term expires on September 30th, 2022.

The following topics were also discussed:

Upcoming Meetings:

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