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Caroga News Flash

Town Board Meeting Draft Agenda Highlights

Upcoming May 13, 2020 Meeting

Draft Agenda Resolution/Local Law Topics:

  1. Local Law #1 of 2020 (Written notification about highway defects and obstructions)

  2. Town Purchasing Policy

  3. County Highway Mowing Contract ($3,094.00/year)

  4. Lakes Management Committee (Remove James Long; add Scott Horton)

  5. Web Master and News Editor (Remove volunteer James Long; pay Linda Gilbert)

  6. Planning Board (Remove Kim Hart; appoint Karen Dutcher)

  7. Canada Lake Computers Purchase ($8,500.00)

  8. Town Hall Back-up Maintenance Person (Create and advertise $15.00/hour position)

  9. Planning Board, ZBA, and BAR Secretary (Advertise $15.00/hour position to replace volunteer James Long)

  10. Pay bills as presented for Audit

  11. Accept 4/15/2020 minutes (as yet unseen by full Town Board)

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