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OCTOBER 29, 2020

Commissioners in attendance

Cernak Simonds

Palcovic Dutcher

Sturgess Centi

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM

Outhouse Races

Rachel shared the first draft of the flyers. Additional contact info will be added including PLRT extension on the town phone system.

Rachel and Chris to establish online registration which can be accessed through PLRT FB and Town FB and webpage

Ralph to follow up with the FD Aux. for refreshment tent

Ralph and Gene will meet with Larry Voght to establish areas to be plowed and safety marking the area and lake

We probably need a couple of popup canopies and some tables

Signs for parking, registration, etc.

Gene to follow up with AMEC with regard to their starting time

Future Events for 2021

Memorial Day Parade will be held. Barb DeLuca has agreed to bring her experience in organizing a parade and she will spearhead this.

Ralph to discuss with FD to possibly coordinate the grand opening of the new firehouse for Memorial Day

Establish a grand marshal, honorary and veteran marshals.

Father’s Day Fishing Tournament

Include all town lakes, East Caroga, West Caroga, Canada, West Lake and Green Lake

Prizes for 16 and under, adult possibly others

Fireworks in July

Discussed areas where they could be held which included the golf course

Cost would be about 5,000

Further discussion to follow at next meeting

Other events discussed and further review are boater safety course, tree lighting, music or movies on the green

Commission decided to purchase new American flags and possibly a few banners for display

along 29A and 10. Our current flags are in very poor condition. We would need flags and poles, New flag holders were installed earlier this year

Brief discussion about budget and Youth Program

Meeting was adjourned at 8:19PM

Submitted electronically by Gene Centi, Chairman

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