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P2020-04 Nathan Littauer Hospital
Site Plan Review Checklist

1 A Site Plan prepared and stamped by a NYS licensed engineer, architect or land surveyor that includes: title, the name and address of applicant, and property owner and person responsible for preparation of the Site Plan. X X
2 North arrow, scale bar and date. X X
3 Boundaries of the property plotted to scale of one inch to 50 feet and all property boundary dimensions and setbacks in feet (if the property is located in more than one zoning district, the boundaries of the districts shall also be shown). X X
4 Existing contours (unless otherwise indicated by the Planning Board, two-foot contours shall be required showing the topography for all disturbed areas of the parcel and land within 100 feet of such areas). X X
5 Existing watercourses and wetlands. X X
6 Grading and drainage plan, showing existing and proposed final contours. X X
7 Location, design, types of construction, proposed use and exterior dimensions of all buildings. Identify finished floor elevation. X X
8 Location and widths of existing and proposed driveways for the site and access to existing roads and highways. Location to nearest intersection of public roads. X X
9 Location, design and type of construction of all parking and truck loading areas, showing access and egress. X X
10 Provision for pedestrian access, if applicable. X X
11 Location of outdoor storage, if any. X X
12 Location, design and construction materials of all existing or proposed site improvements including water and sewer lines, roads, drains, culverts, retaining walls and fences. X X
13 A plan, prepared by a licensed professional engineer, identifying the onsite water and wastewater disposal systems and that includes a certification that the plan complies with NYSDEC and NYSDOH required setbacks for existing water sources and onsite wastewater disposal systems and that the X X
14 Location of fire and other emergency zones, including the location of fire hydrants. X X
15 Location, design and construction materials of all energy distribution facilities, including electrical, gas and alternative energy. X X
16 Location, size and design and type of construction of all proposed signs. X X
17 Location and proposed development of all buffer areas, including existing vegetative cover. X X
18 Location, design, type and uses of exterior lighting and signs including illumination levels and patterns. X X
19 The type, location and hours of activities likely to generate noise or ground vibrations of a magnitude as to be a public concern. X X
20 Location and design of outdoor lighting facilities. X X
21 Identification of the location and amount of building area proposed for retail sales or similar commercial activity. X X
22 General landscaping plan and planting schedule. X X
23 An estimated project construction schedule.
24 Identification of any federal, state or county permits required for the project’s execution. X X
25 Record of application for and approval status of all necessary permits from federal, state and county officials. X X
26 Description of the proposed use or uses, including hours of operation, number of employees, expected volume of business and type and volume of traffic expected to be generated. X X
27 Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) for all land development activities (excluding agricultural activities) on the site that results in land disturbance of 1 acre or more. A SWPPP shall comply with NYSDEC requirements for stormwater discharges from construction activities. It shall
28 Other elements or information integral to the proposed development as considered necessary by the Planning Board.
29 Completed Part I Environmental Assessment Form (EAF). X L? X

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