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Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals
Town of Caroga
PO Box 328
Caroga Lake NY 12032

Scott Henze
Planning Director
Fulton County Planning Department
1 East Montgomery Street
Johnstown NY 12095

Re: Application for § 239-m review for Nathan Littauer Hospital Microclinic, State Highway 10, Town of Caroga, Fulton County

Dear Scott,

Attached is the Town of Caroga Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals application for § 239-m review for the proposed Nathan Littauer Hospital Microclinic, State Highway 10, Town of Caroga. This application for § 239-m review is for both a Site Plan Review and a Use Variance. Thus, I am submitting it for both our Planning Board and our Zoning Board of Appeals. I serve as Clerk to both boards.

As I noted in my SEQRA Lead Agency letter to you, this project (applications P2020-04 and Z2020-05) involves the construction of a new 1,350 square foot “Microclinic” adjacent to the Town of Caroga Town Hall, 1840 State Highway 10, to replace the Nathan Littauer Hospital clinic currently located inside the Town Hall. The Microclinic would be built on parcel 68.9-3-3. That parcel is presently part of the Town Hall parking lot. It is anticipated that the parcel will be merged with the Town Hall parcel 68.9-3-2 to eliminate the need for a lot coverage variance and a north side setback variance. The first parcel is approximately 0.20 acres and the second is approximately 1.30 acres, making the future merged parcel approximately 1.50 acres. A ZBA Use Variance would be required. A Planning Board Site Plan Review would also be required.

Representatives of the applicant have expressed the urgency of the Zoning Board of Appeals and Planning Board applications. Unfortunately, the applications mistakenly requested from the Planning Board a Special Use Permit when that is not an allowed use. Instead, the applicant will need a denial from the Code Enforcement Officer and then a Use Variance from the Zoning Board of Appeals. To expedite this project, in consultation with the Zoning Board of Appeals Chair Douglas Purcell, I'm am submitting this application for § 239-m review prior to the Code Enforcement Officer issuing the denial notice. The Planning Board and the Zoning Board of Appeals Chair discussed this mistake in the 2020-06-03 Planning Board minutes. The Code Enforcement Officer has not yet issued the required denial notice reflecting the need for a Use Variance due to Conservation zoning district restrictions. Recognizing that the Code Office denial notice is required but not yet issued, the Zoning Board of Appeals asks your indulgence by accepting this application for § 239-m review at this time ahead of that denial to expedite review by Fulton County Planning.

You have previously kindly allowed that Fulton County Planning could pull the electronic files off our website as needed in lieu of my bundling those files and attaching them to an email. The direct URL for all P2020-04 and Z2020-05 materials (including the attached § 239-m application) are at:



If, instead, you require these materials to be sent by email, please advise.

Please kindly acknowledge receipt of this email.

Regards, James

James McMartin Long
Planning Board Clerk
Zoning Board of Appeals Clerk
Town Board Member
Town of Caroga
PO Box 328
Caroga Lake, NY 12032
(518)835-3734 (home)

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