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Worksheet to make an application to the Planning Board for a Special Use Permit

Applicant shall submit 10 copies of all requested documents.

  1. A Town of Caroga Planning Board Application Form.

  2. A plot plan drawn to scale with accurate dimensions providing information sufficient to enable the Board to make an informed decision, and an agricultural data statement as defined below. Email drawings larger than 8.5 by 11 as PDFs to Planning Board Clerk (James@JamesLong.com).

  3. A narrative describing the proposed use and operation.

  4. A short-form or long-form SEQR Environmental Assessment Form (EAF) with Part 1 fully completed by the applicant. A long-form EAF shall be required for all SEQRA Type 1 Actions, but the Planning Board may require a long-form EAF for Unlisted Actions if the Board deems that the additional information contained on the long-form would be helpful and appropriate under the circumstances of the project proposal.

  5. The application fee is $100.00.

  6. The Planning Board may waive or add any requirements for an application submission if it deems appropriate in order to accomplish the purposes set forth herein.

New York State Environmental Quality Review Act

Upon receipt of a completed Application for a Site Plan Review, the Planning Board shall conduct a SEQR on the proposed Special Use Permit.

No Planning Board action shall be taken until a SEQR Review has been completed.

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