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Zoning Board of Appeals Hearing Notice

November 19, 2021

Caroga Town Hall, 1840 State Highway 10, on November 30, 2021 at 7:00pm.

Application Z2021-10 by Code Enforcement Officer Jennifer Blowers, Code Office, Town of Caroga, 1840 State Highway 10, Caroga Lake NY 12032, for a property at 300 County Highway 111, SBL#68.5-2-2, in Caroga LFB and Hamlet zoning districts, APA Hamlet land use area classification, to appeal to the Caroga Zoning Board of Appeals regarding the decision of Code Enforcement Officer on Building Permit Applications 2021276 and 2021277 dated 2021-11-05.

The required documentation to obtain a permit for a Single-Family Dwelling, Accessory Structure or Garage was not submitted with this Building Application. Zoning Ordinance Article 10, § III(B)(8) states the required plan to be prepared by a NYS licensed professional engineer. Zoning Ordinance Article 10, § III lists all required documentation. APA Jurisdictional Determination letter states that wetlands are located on property.

The above application is open for inspection at the Code Office, the Town Clerk’s Office, and at TownOfCaroga.com/apa/z2021-10_code/ online. Persons wishing to appear at such hearing may do so in person or by attorney or other representative. Communications in writing in relation thereto may be filed with the Board at such hearing.

James McMartin Long
Zoning Board of Appeals Clerk
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